Natural Beauty: Curl-ease Brings on a Curly Girl Ringlet Revolution!

Amaze Magazine favorite natural beauty find…  Curl-ease! Love this new eco-friendly, electricity saving product from Curl-ease!  If you are a curvy girl with a luscious head of ringlets, you will wonder how you have ever lived without this product…

If you have curls, you know frizz. Curly girls everywhere are all too familiar with the daily offerings to unruly hair including a variety spraying, patting, and praying techniques. Frizz is a frustrating, on going battle that women sporadically win, and often times lose. That’s why curly girl, Zenda Sims, set out to design an easy and quick way to help tame those rowdy ringlets, the Curl-ease towel!

The patent pending design of the Curl-ease towel has been tested, tweaked and tested again to create the perfect solution for curly girls everywhere. The ultra thin, extremely absorbent towel dries your hair in a fraction of the time it takes to air dry or blow dry curly hair and its smooth texture wont ruffle cuticles. So Ladies, its time to throw out your diffuser! Curl-ease wicks water from your hair, locking out frizz, while retaining enough moisture to set perfectly formed curls. The towel is lightweight, user friendly and most importantly effective!

Curly girls wait for hours for their hair to dry and watch longingly as their fellow straighties quickly and efficiently execute their wash, blow and go routine, but Curl-ease turns this waiting game upside down! By using the Curl-ease towel, drying time for curly hair is cut in half. After showering, just wrap the towel around the hair, get dressed, make breakfast, and pack your purse. When you are ready to go out simply take off the towel, apply your favorite hair product, and voila! perfect curls ever time.  We know, because Curl-ease has already received raved reviews from satisfied curly girls who towel and tell!

Whether your hair is curly, wavy, textured, or simply thick, Curl-ease will minimize frizz while maximizing curls. By using Curl-ease, not only will hair become healthier, shinier and bouncier, but primping becomes a chinch! Washing your hair no longer becomes a chore – so you’ll have to start thinking of new excuses to skip the gym!

Drop the dryer and take up the Curl-ease instead! Curl-ease towels are $19.99 each and are sold at retailers nationwide including Bed Bath and Beyond. For more information visit the Curl-ease website

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