Beautiful views of the San Francisco Gate Bridge, Sausalito, and Angel Island, mixed with intense workouts comprised with an exclusively female fitness program makes the hottest gym in the Bay Area. The always-outdoor Rock Solid integrates progressive cardiovascular exercise, effective strength training, stretching, and individual coaching in a spectacular setting.

Not only does the fresh air help make a workout seem like a treat, but Rock Solid provides other amazing services like personal training with specialties that include martial arts, stress and relaxation, pre and post natal, and classes for people with special needs such as obesity and other medical conditions.

Instead of a trendy, traditional gym with all the fancy equipment that is dirty and difficult to use, crowded machines and lack of guidance, Rock Solid Fitness aims to provide a personal trainer at every workout along with the much needed motivation and extra push to see results.  Not only is this a workout, but Rock Solid offers guidance on overall nutrition and health including working with doctors and offering special courses to create not just a “gym,” but a lifestyle.

In order to actually have fun and workout at the same time, Rock Solid trainers creatively incorporate a variety of activities like boxing, dance, martial arts, yoga, stairs, hills, band-work, ball-work, free-weights, games and more.  Being outdoors and smelling the fresh San Francisco air helps eliminate the stress of working out while each person goes at their own pace so everyone can keep up.  Combining intensity-interval-cardio training, a technique designed for efficient fat-burning and effective fitness-building, and the motivation of a personal trainer, clients see results fast.

Aiming to instill life long fitness habits, Teresa Marchese, who started Rock Solid Fitness  in 1998, inspires and empowers people of all shapes, sizes, ages, and circumstances to strive for and maintain optimal physical fitness.  After getting sick of the same old routine with no results, Marchese studied effects of exercise, nutrition, and supplementation, developing an understanding of the combination that produces achievable and noticeable results. Teresa took this knowledge, received a certification from the American Council on Exercise, began training friends and teaching outdoor fitness classes, and Rock Solid Fitness was born.

Gaining upper and lower body strength while the waves crash up against the rocks is just a glimpse of what members see during their workout (besides a transformed body and mind).  Members also look forward to special events such as the Beauty Cleanse, where Rock Solid focuses on beauty from the inside out by providing meals, exercise and beauty services.

For more information about Rock Solid Fitness, please visit or call 415.412.3051.