Uetarticledec072Husband and wife team, Victor & May Cue, have just launched a new children’s clothing line called Cue-T by Organic Couture.  The line consists of onsies and T’s all made of 100% Organic Cotton. The designs are geared toward socially responsible trendy moms and tots.  The new collection features fresh designs that empower youngsters to go green, support the troops, and seek peace. This new line for children is not only environmentally friendly; it is what’s new in fashion. Cue-T wants everyone to capture the understanding that “Green is The New Black”

Cue-T is a Green Company.  This means that they do everything in their power to be an environmentally friendly corporation.  The hangtags on the shirts, business cards, and packaging supplies are all made of eco-friendly materials.  All purchases come wrapped in a recycled box printed with soy-based inks that can be reused.  All work practices are performed while keeping the earth in mind.

Organic cotton has many benefits.  From a health perspective, the only way to go is green.  Regular cotton has invisible irritants, pesticides and chemical dyes but organic cotton is made naturally and chemical free.   It can be worn by anyone with chemical sensitivities, unable to wear conventional cotton because of allergic reactions to the dyes and the chemical traces it contains.  By using organic cotton, we can prevent water pollution, pesticide poisoning of nationally distributed crops, and the killing of millions of birds and fish, from pesticides, each year.

Although Cue-T is a relatively new company 2008 is already looking to be a busy year.  In Store for the coming year is hosting a  Celebrity Suite for the Golden Globe Awards, trade shows such as Magic, in Las Vegas, &  All Things Organic, features in Magazines, such as Parents and many more fundraising and environmental events.
Cue-T by Organic Couture can be found at www.Cue-T.com and at exclusive Boutiques.  Prices range from $25.00 to $30.00.