For those deeply concerned about the environment and their health, making the effort to choose organic apparel is a natural step – especially given the ever-increasing variety of fashionable green clothing.  But unfortunately, many consumers are unaware that the “low-impact” or “eco-friendly” dyes used in most organic apparel still include petrochemicals.

“While better than conventional dyes and definitely a step in the right direction, “low-impact” dyes are still toxic to the environment and even oneself, as the chemical agents (such as synthetic dyes, bleaching agents and certain post- and pre-treatment chemicals) added to the dye bath can be absorbed through one’s skin when wearing the apparel,” said Paul Weinstein, president of Seattle-based Truly Organic Apparel (

Truly Organic Apparel debuts in spring ’08 with a line of truly chemical-free, naturally dyed apparel featuring organic cotton and colors made from medicinally rich botanicals and herbs from India, such as turmeric, haritaki (popular Ayurvedic herb), pomegranate, indigo and onions. According to Paul, while the company offers beautiful apparel with an exceptional hand and style, its personal mission is to make a difference by informing both consumers and other apparel manufacturers of the viability of these naturally-based dyes, first used in India more than 4,000 years ago. The colorful urban apparel line for men and women is manufactured from fabric dyed by Aura Herbal Wear in India (

“Using herbal dyes is the next logical move for eco-apparel,” he said.  “The first step was organic cotton and fibers and the second step was low-impact dyes.  Now we’re taking the next step: 100% natural dyes that are completely chemical-free. Because the plant materials are composted after dyeing, and the dye water is recycled and reused, the dye process itself can be considered a no-impact process.”

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