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Truly Organic Apparel Now Available Online at Truly-Organic.com

Truly Organic Apparel Now Available Online at Truly-Organic.com

Fiending for green? Truly Organic Apparel, maker of subtly urban, naturally dyed apparel for men and women, is making it easier than ever to get your green fashion fix by offering its entire debut collection for spring/summer ’08 online at www.truly-organic.com.

Equally appealing to both the socially conscious and the fashion-savvy, Truly Organic’s clean yet comfy seasonal offerings include a range of completely natural tees, tanks, blouses and pants for women as well as colorful button-ups and t-shirts for men – with an expanding assortment of dresses, skirts, layering tee’s and activewear slated to debut for fall ‘08. What’s more, all Truly Organic garments are uniquely processed with chemical-free dyes derived from medicinal and epicurean elements such as turmeric, pomegranate and onion, thus preserving the pure nature of the 100% organic cotton from which they’re made. A moderate price point – MSRP starts at $39.00 – further reinforces the accessibility of contemporary green apparel in the mainstream marketplace.

In addition to hosting the company’s new e-commerce site, www.truly-organic.com is a one-stop resource for information on the inspiration behind Truly Organic’s mission; the company’s commitment to using organic materials and fair trade practices; upcoming events and promotions and more. To learn more about Truly Organic’s chemical-free dyeing process and how it compares to some of the conventional methods associated with organic apparel, visit www.truly-organic.com/files/natural-dye-process.php.

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