Stylish, fun, fashionable fitness… that’s what founders of fitnessUwear, Annie Ulichney and Kimberly Koelle, have achieved! (…and as a side note, my Mom’s physical therapist had suggested she use these to help her when writing to help ‘weight’ her wrist and keep her hand from shaking so much when writing…)

Offering “Fashionable Fitness You Can Wear Like Jewelry,” Kim and Annie are both busy moms who appreciate any type of product that makes their lives easier. Through that concept they invented Banglz, which are fashion ankle and wrist weights light enough to wear all day, yet substantial enough to feel the difference!

The Center for Disease Control & Prevention notes that even when at rest, one pound of muscle burns up to 30-50 more calories a day, compared to one pound of fat, which only burns 2-5 calories a day. “Everyone begins to lose muscle around age 25 if they are not proactive about their health. When you begin adding muscle back into the equation, you almost effortlessly lose fat and burn more calories!”

Banglz Wrist Weights

½ lb. weight bands that come in a variety of fashionable prints, allowing you to wear them like jewelry or be ahead of the crowd at the gym. They maximize upper body muscle tone and develop new, lean muscle during your regular day. By providing ongoing resistance, they help to strengthen arms, shoulders, chest and core. Price: $24.95

Banglz Ankle Weights
1 lb. weight bands available in fashionable prints that can be worn like anklets all day long. With each step, slight resistance helps to tone the legs, hips and glutes. They maximize low-impact exercise time and allow for exercise to be added into everyday activities to increase the number of calories burnt. Price: $27.95

Both Banglz Wrist Weights and Banglz Ankle Weights are safe to wear everyday. Annie suggests that women who have an already existing fitness routine can add them to optimize their workouts. For those who consider themselves inactive, Annie recommends a gradual addition of Banglz for everyday toning and muscle development. According to Annie, “physical inactivity has been noted as one of the greatest health concerns our country faces today. By adding Banglz, an inactive person can begin to live a healthy, fit lifestyle without the added burden of scheduling

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