Now that you’ve done all the reasonable environmentally friendly actions like switching to compact fluorescent light bulbs and incorporating a reusable grocery bag, you’ve learned that “going green” is great, but not always practical to incorporate into your busy, modern life. Even for those “not-so-green” individuals, The Green Garmento™ is an affordable ($9.99 retail) and eco-practical option that not only helps organize, but more importantly eliminates the use of single-use plastic dry cleaning bags.

The Green Garmento™ is an eco-friendly 3-in-1 reusable garment bag that helps consumers “green” their drycleaning routine. At home it functions as a space-saving hamper; on the trip to the drycleaner, it becomes a stylish duffel bag; and at pick-up, it transforms into a hanging garment bag to protect cleaned clothes – without a single-use plastic bag in sight! The simple step of switching to The Green Garmento™ will help to reduce the estimated 300 million pounds of single-use plastic drycleaning bags a year that continue to clog our landfills and kill our marine and wildlife.

“I loved the idea of an affordable laundry bag that would help me organize my closet and recycle, without much thought,” says Jennie Nigrosh, President and Co-Founder of The Green Garmento. “It solves the dilemma of what-to-do with mountains of drycleaning plastic, allowing consumers to be eco-conscious without having to sacrifice anything.”
How It Works:
§ Place all your “to be cleaned” garments in The Green Garmento™. (Use The Green Garmento™ in this state as a hamper or duffle bag for collection.)
§ Turn the bag over to your drycleaners and ask them to return your clothes hung inside. (The cleaner will attach The Green Garmento™ to one of your garments so that it won’t get lost.)
§ At pickup, the clothes will be neatly hung inside The Green Garmento™ (garment bag form). Wide gussets and a side zipper help to keep everything safely in place and allow you to easily access.
§ It is recommended to have 2 Green Garmento’s™ so that you can “swap out” with the drycleaner and repeat the process.

Many professional drycleaners have adopted the use of The Green Garmento™ as well. Not only does it meet their desire to be more eco-friendly, it is cost effective and easy to implement.

The Green Garmento™ is available in multiple sizes ranging from 40 inch to 72 inch (48” is most popular consumer size) and a variety of colors including: Black Night, Blue Water, and Green Grass. (Retail – $9.99.)

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