H. Gillerman Organics introduces the Bounce Back Kit, a detox plan for mind and body.

Developed by the company’s founder, Hope Gillerman, the Bounce Back Kit has been introduced to detox the mind and body without ever feeling hungry, tired, or agitated. Gillerman, a stress management specialist and one of New York City’s most recognized Alexander Technique teachers developed the plan with the needs of her clients in mind.

Says Gillerman: “For the past twenty years, I have listened to my patients talk about their detox regimes. While the end results can be rewarding, many of them find it difficult to keep focus and energized without proper nutrition. I developed Bounce Back to help them detox and still be able to eat and drink delicious and nutritious foods and beverages.”

The Bounce Back Kit incorporates dietary principals of Traditional Chinese Medicine with the use of H. Gillerman Organics Remedies that are used on a daily base to enhance the eight day detox plan. Included in the kit a week’s supply of H. Gillerman Organics essential oil remedies, how-to-detox booklet written by Hope, and some of Hopes favorite detox recipes. Users of the booklet can keep track of their daily emotions before and after they practice the relaxation and energy boosting exercises Hope outlines in the booklet.

The Bounce Back Kit includes:

An agave wash cloth for cleansing and brushing the skin in the shower

An 8-day supply of detoxing body oils to be used after skin brushing: Pure Breathing, True Relaxation, Natural Rest, Clear Mind
The Bounce Back Rejuvenation Kit program booklet, complete with shopping list, how to guide, recipes, and relaxation and energy boosting exercises.

Hope Gillerman’s Essential Oil Deck of essential oils remedy recipe cards and information on how essential oils work published by Chronicle Books.

All packaged in a reusable, recycled cotton canvas lunch bag – great for traveling with your H. Gillerman Organic Remedies.

The Bounce Back Kit is priced at $85.00 (a $100 value). The Bounce Back Kit is available online at www.hgillermanorganics.com.