Flawless Matte

Have you ever used a finishing powder only to find that it changes the color of your perfectly mixed foundation? Well, Lily Lolo Flawless Matte Finishing Powder is the solution that addresses the issue. This colorless powder blends with all skin tones and is a must have to set any shade in order to retain color. Use the Lily Lolo Flawless Matte Finishing Powder to even out skin tone and mask the natural reflection that occurs throughout the course of the day. Although white in appearance, this is a makeup pro secret because it blends in with any skin tone from light to the dark. Apply by dusting the entire face and the bald area of the head using the kabuki brush with the finishing powder. Lily Lolo’s special formula controls perspiration, making this perfect makeup tool for high-energy days and hot weather. Retail Price $22.00 www.lilylolo.us


When looking for an acne cover up, beware of too much oil in coversticks and concealers because they can cause bigger issues. Oil adds to the problem and actually causes clogging, making acne worse. Award Winning PeepO Lily Lolo Mineral Concealer contains yellow tones that diminish the purple tones that are associated with acne breakouts. Lily Lolo blends away blemishes, covering and controlling breakouts with a matte finish. It encompasses natural healing properties and can be built in layers to achieve perfect coverage. As an acne treatment, Lily Lolo mineral makeup has the known acne fighting ingredient titanium oxide in the formula. This ingredient works to regulate the sebum levels on the skin surface preventing inflammation and future breakouts. Retail Price $18.00 www.lilylolo.us

Blush Away

Lily Lolo Blush Away Cover Up (Correctors Shade) is a matte green concealer, which helps to disguise the redness of rosacea, sunburn, and spots. Rosacea, a chronic condition characterized by facial erythema. The green in the powder counteracts the redness, as it’s the harmonizing color on the traditional color wheel. Award Winning Lily Lolo Mineral Concealer blends away blemishes and dark circles. It encompasses natural healing properties and can be built in layers to achieve perfect coverage. Apply Green concealer sparingly to red areas underneath mineral foundation with a small powder brush or flocked sponge. Retail Price $18.00 www.lilylolo.us