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Card Cache Organizer Has Amaze Hooked!

One look at the Card Cache Organizer and it will have you saying, “Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner?!?” If you are anything like me, with cards overflowing from my wallet to the point that I usually forget I even have them, the Card Cache put me on the track to painless purse organization in the work of a few moments…

Basically, the Card Cache is a stylish keychain for your cards. Simply hole punch the corners (from credit cards, to grocery discount cards, gift cards or even discount punch cards) and then string the stylish Card Cache through – that’s it. Now your cards are available and easy to find/access. You can even purchase picture holders/protectors, a compact calendar or even a mini sharpie- and your Card Cache will have everything you need all in one convenient spot! Don’t have a hold punch on hand; you can buy that from Card Cache too!

Makes THE perfect gift! Available online at www.TheCardCache.com

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