Circle + Bloom Mind-Body Fertility Program: New Trends In Fertility & Healthy Pregnancy Programs

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC),  infertility affects 7.3 million women in the United States, an astounding  10% of the population of reproductive age. Studies are increasingly being  done that show a direct link between increased stress and infertility ? and  anything that can be done to reverse that stress is proving to be very  helpful. Now a unique line of audio relaxation and mind-body programs are  available for women who are trying to conceive AND women who are currently  pregnant. The patent-pending Circle + Bloom Fertility Mind-Body programs are  based on years of extensive research and encompass proven methods to reduce stress and create a mind body connection to produce real changes in the body. The Circle + Bloom programs are designed to improve the chances of  fertility success by leveraging innate powers of healing and balancing.

Visualization techniques are a proven way to open the mind-body connection while reducing stress. Based on the natural 28-day reproductive cycle, the Circle + Bloom regimen  combines music and words to allow women to enter into deep relaxation and  then tap the mind-body connection that tracks to the specific part of the  cycle they are experiencing each day. Fifteen minutes a day is all that is  required. It?s non-invasive, painless, and free of any harmful side effects.

Easy and accessible, the Circle + Bloom programs guide women through the  process each day and demystify what they need to visualize for optimum  fertility and health awareness. The flagship Circle + Bloom program is a downloadable MP3 set containing 30 individual and unique programs designed  to be listened to on any digital audio playback device. With more than six  hours of content, the program is structured by days, such that Day One of  the program correspond s to the first day of the listener?s menstrual cycle. The program also contains a Special Ovulation Session.

Ranging in price from $24 to $69, the Circle + Bloom programs can be purchased and downloaded at:

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