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Lisa Downing Solo Piano CD, A DELICATE BALANCE

Looking to ‘get away from it all’ in the confines of my office… I turned to Lisa Downing’s Solo Piano CD, A DELICATE BALANCE for a bit of respite from the day… and in a magic moment, I am transported by her melodies.

Solo piano, like most music, is attention-getting and enjoyable if it features strong melodies, and Downing definitely writes with a strong melodic flow. But she also does a few things different than most of her competitors. Instead of always playing the melody with her right hand and the rhythm with her left, she sometimes switches the rhythm to the right high-notes and the melody to the left-hand on the lower notes (on NO MATTER WHAT I DO). On occasion she also plays different or counter-melodies with both hands so that they sort of weave together (SLOW DANCING). Another distinctive attribute is her tempo changes. She might speed up or slow down within a piece several times, and she has a judicious use of pausing as well (such as the tune SPEAKER/LISTENER).

The perfect musical compliment to sooth your soul…

Lisa Downing Solo Piano available at Amazon.com

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