LMB Designs launched a line of Earth-Friendly Dog Sweaters called the Turtlebacks Collection, a collection of pet apparel inspired by nature and made from earth-friendly materials. LMB Designs, owned and operated by Lisa M. Barnes, designs wearable works of art including knit jewelry, purses, hats, wristlets and wraps for people, and now pets. And in our opinion… some of THE most adorable earth-friendly dog sweaters out there!

The earth-friendly pet apparel collection was inspired by the Diamondback Terrapin turtle. The first is the Turtleback Signature Sweater – a stylish and artful tribute to the colorful abstract shapes of the turtle’s shell. And the Turtleback Signature Sweater was one of a few designs selected at the 2010 Fashion Institute of Technology Pet Fashion Show to travel the world with Pet Fashion Week.

According to the 2010 Pet Products Trend Report, people around the world are making conscious efforts to help our planet, and the pet industry is no exception. Turtlebacks designs are made from earth-friendly, locally sourced materials such as alpaca, cashmere, chaguar, and other exclusive fibers. Alpaca is one of the most luxurious and rarest of fibers and is naturally water-repellent, hypoallergenic, breathable, durable, and a renewable natural resource. Chaguar is a strong plant fiber used in South America that can be woven to make dog collars and leashes.

Through collaboration with women’s artisan collective groups, LMB Designs provides support and jobs for women around the world, as well as supporting the environment. The designs are handmade by women’s collectives in Peru, Nepal, and Argentina to provide high quality products while supporting fair trade practices and contributing to the economic independence of these communities. By supporting LMB Designs, customers not only receive a unique creation, but they also help save natural resources and give back to the world community.

For more information, visit online at www.lmbdesigns.com