REUSE, the Newest Eco-Friendly Jeans… Inspiring conscious consumption with premier-quality denim, REUSE Jeans are tailored for stylish fits, processed with fashion forward wash treatments and accentuated by handcrafted detailing and signature touches. Generated from the belief that environmental awareness can coexist with fashion, REUSE debuted its unrivaled collection of eco-friendly jeans in the summer of 2010 with names as reBORN, reDISCOVERED, reHABILITATED, and reNEWED. Sustainable, attainable and constructed from 80% recycled fabric, REUSE Jeans embody the future of the fashion industry.

Why Recycled Jeans? According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans generated more than 11.8 million tons of textile waste in 2006 alone, amounting to a remarkable 10 pounds per person. In our world of overflowing landfills and global warming, recycling is more relevant than ever. Recycled jeans help counteract the human effect of the disposable fashion industry, while contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable earth.

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