RevolveR, Twice The Journal, Twice the Gift… If one gift is not enough, why not give two? Give the gift that reinvents itself.

Lets face it, finding gifts for some people can be next to impossible, especially for someone who has their head and hands full. So why not celebrate all that energy and drive and give 2 gifts in 1 with a little magic in between. The RevolveR Journal is perfect for organizing even the most unruly of minds, and is available in an assortment of stylish colors, so it will look dapper no matter the occasion.

The double-binding of the RevolveR Journal lets you gift and regift at the same time, and you only need to wrap it once. With two sides stylishly bound together using a single handmade binding, the RevolveR note book is the perfect gift for the law student who can’t stop doodling, or the parent balancing work and family.

Pocket organizer? Sketch pad? Grocery list? Classroom companion? RevolveR is the dual-purpose must-have gift of the season. It is also available in two sizes, so whether you need a stocking-stuffer or something a little more substantial, RevolveR has you covered.

Turn the page, turn over a new (green) leaf…
RevolveR is the perfect eco-accessory. We mostly use recycled paper (100%), and where we need to use a tree we make sure the paper is FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council)! So put your eco-conscience at ease. RevolveR has you covered.

And RevolveR does not eschew form in favor of function. Have it all with four color combos and two versatile sizes. Each RevolveR consists of two 64-paged sewn folios – one lined, the other blank – bound together in a single handmade binding that allows for two beginnings and endless possibilities.

RevolveR is available for purchase online at