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Glamp It Up With LUSH!

With summer finally in full swing, LUSH helps to beat the heat and escape to the great outdoors for a camping, or as they like to call it, glamping good time. Always wanting to put our best face (hair, skin, etc.) forward, LUSH has some great fresh handmade cosmetics to make your beauty routine “tent” friendly. These solid products are perfectly tote-able – and because they’re preservative and packaging free, they’re much kinder to the environment. Here are a couple camping carry-alongs to help you make the most of your outdoor adventures:

Dirty Toothy Tabs, $3.95 for 40 tabs
A brand new idea from LUSH to save toothpaste tubes from heading to landfill – these solid tabs come in a handy 100% recycled box. Crush in your mouth and brush as normal and enjoy the fresh, minty hit with a hint of oranges. The sodium bicarbonate will clean teeth while the cream of tartar works to whiten them and spearmint freshens breath. (Vegan)

Squeaky Green shampoo bar, $9.95
In the shower or in the lake, LUSH hair care products are the perfect camping companions. This squeaky clean bar is made with a balancing blend of rose, vanilla and fresh rosemary that will leave hair super clean and shiny. You can also use it to wash you all over, or even your take your clothes for a dip! 

Jungle solid conditioner, $9.95
A made with cocoa butter, fresh passion fruit and ylang ylang, a couple swipes of this small wonder will leave hair super soft and tangle free. (Vegan)

Fresh Farmacy facial cleanser, $8.95 for 100g
Sunburns and mosquito bites are common camping catastrophes. Use this gentle cleanser to soothe your face and your body. Packed with rose, tea tree and lavender essential oils known for their powerful, skin-calming properties. And because it’s made with masses of calamine and chamomile, it’s one of the most extraordinarily calming cleansers known to humankind. (Vegan)

King of Skin Body Butter, $13.95
A beautiful blend of cocoa butter, shea butter and coconut butter, bananas, toning essential oils, jojoba and almond oils, fresh avocado and oatmeal all work together to calm irritations and soothe sensitive skin. Essentially a solid body lotion, just rub the bar in a circular motion along all those rough, dry body parts. No preservative, no packaging; perfect for all your camping adventures! (Vegan)

The Greeench Deodorant, $9.95
Summer heat can warm things up, and we’re not just talking camp fires. Keep your pits cool with microfine magnesium trisilicate and sodium that all work together to keep you free from discomfort and moisture. The Greeench can be used on armpits, backs, feet and anywhere that needs a bit of herbal assistance. The potent rosemary, tea tree, sage and clubmoss deodorize and soothe by fighting off bacteria and other nasties. (Vegan)

LUSH available online at lush.com

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