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Hats on for Hot Weather Gardening!

“Wear a Hat!’ is at the top of tip lists for hot weather gardening. Womanswork fashionable sun hats are not only flattering, they are effective at blocking the sun’s harmful rays. All Womanswork hats block more than 95% of UVA and UVB rays.

The Raffia Sun Hat with Brim Down shown left, priced at $30, is ideal for gardening in hot weather — light on your head even on a hot day in the direct sun.  This sun hat has a tightly woven yet flexible brim, and a “crushable” loosely woven crown that allows heat to escape from your head. The raffia weave is breathable even while it is blocking more than 95% of UVA and UVB rays.  The large brim sun protection hat shields your face and neck from the damaging rays of the sun with a 4-inch wide brim. Inside the crown is a soft stretchy cotton band that gently expands to fit most head sizes.  With just the lightest grip, this sun protection hat sits comfortably on your head, and the stretchy band has a soft, non-scratchy feel against your forehead.

Look for raffia straw when you want a better quality sun protection hat.  Raffia doesn’t turn brittle and break when exposed to the sun like typical straw. It isn’t stiff like some straw, and it holds its shape better when crushed or flattened. The Raffia Hat with Ribbon priced at $30 has a downturned brim circled with a forest green grosgrain ribbon, tied in a bow at the back of the head. If you prefer a brim-up hat with a leather chin cord, check out Womanswork Gardener’s Raffia Sun Hat priced at $28.

“Don’t forget that gardening gloves also provide protection from the sun, as well as from scratches and insect bites,” says Womanswork President Dorian Winslow. “Cotton gloves are cool and offer good protection.” Womanswork gauntlet gloves with a choice of paisley or rose pattern Gauntlet Gloves with Paisley Pattern or Rose Pattern Cotton Gauntlet Glove, both priced at $26, offer the perfect combination of fashion and function in the garden. Cotton sateen stretch fabric is functional as well, with sturdy synthetic leather palms and longer cuffs for greater protection.

For a really stylish look both patterns are available in matching sun hats, priced at $24. The pair make a thoughtful gift.

Womanswork® is celebrating 26 years as a woman-owned business. Womanswork products are available at garden centers worldwide and online at www.womanswork.com.

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