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Organically Grown German Riesling Available in the United States

Natural Merchants, LLC, with headquarters in Grants Pass, Ore. and Cartagena, Spain, introduces Lorenz “Symphony” Riesling-the first U.S. imported German Riesling made from 100% Organically Grown Grapes and certified by the USDA. The Symphony label also includes a popular German red varietal: Symphony Dornfelder. Both wines are grown and produced by the Lorenz Family in the heart of Rheinhessen, Germany’s number-one vineyard region. The suggested retail price for both wines is $16.99 and they are now available for distribution nationwide.

Symphony Riesling is a blend of 85% Riesling and 15% Rivaner grapes, all 100% organically grown. Riesling is one of the world’s most celebrated white wine varietals. The wine has a deep and well balanced body and fruity undertones, in the tradition of great German Rhine Rieslings. The wine is a classic-dry, elegant Riesling of great harmony, with delicate floral undertones, reminiscent of citrus fruits and a hint of peach. Symphony is savory-fresh to the palate, with a beautiful underlying fruitiness.

Symphony Dornfelder is a blend of 90% Dornfelder and 10% Cabernet grapes, all 100% organically grown. Dornfelder is Germany’s richest red wine with a deep but smooth aroma and beautiful color. A relatively new varietal, Dornfelder has the potential to become one of the world’s great red wines. The wine has a dry-yet-fruity medium body with rhubarb, wet cedar and cherry notes. It is soft on the palate with beautifully embraced tannins and a hint of ripe forest berries.

About the Winemaker
The Lorenz Family motto is: Enjoy the goodness! For them that means making wine with passion. Their commitment to organic production means a responsible care of nature. They accomplish this by renouncing the use of synthetically produced insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and artificial fertilizers on their vineyards which are spread over 15 hectares. In addition to these measures they ensure their vineyard maintains a natural and healthy balance by sowing a variety of wild herbs, legumes and by using organic humus fertilization.

Wines made from grapes grown in Rheinhessen owe their fruitiness and rich bouquet to the mild climate and extraordinary soil in this area. Lorenz Family wines are produced with loving care from their own vineyards in traditional fashion with the benefit of modern knowledge and techniques.

The Natural Merchants Selections program highlights more than 150 carefully selected wines from Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, France, Greece and Portugal, grown in unique organic terroir, each vineyard producing clean, fresh superior wines that are both good for the earth and tantalizing for the palate.

For more information visit naturalmerchants.com.

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