Le Palais des Thes offers a beautiful presentation and superb taste to make any tea lover swoon this holiday season!

Tea lovers are always searching for new ways to enjoy their favorite beverage. The Parisian tea brand Le Palais des Thés offers many intriguing gift options starting at $23.

Le Palais des Thés offers flavored signature teasLes Créations, using only natural flowers, fruits and spices. Packagedin brightly colored metal canisters, Les Créations will perk up any kitchen for $23 each.

For those who prefer tea bags, Le Palais des Thés’ signature muslin tea bags (including black, green and caffeine-free rooibos teas) are boxed in sleek silver and gold for $50 a box set of 54 tea bags.

Le Palais des Thés’ limited edition box set of three tea canisters will please any foodie ($75 for the box set or $25 for one canister). This set includes: Thé du Hammam, green tea flavored with red fruits, green dates, and orange flower, evokes the baths of Istanbul; Thé des Moines, a mix of black and green teas based on a secret recipe from a Tibetan Monastery and Grand Yunnan Imperial, a floral black tea with a sweet fragrance of honey.

All of these items* are available at Le Palais des Thés US online boutique: www.palaisdesthes.com