Beth’s Golden Grass & Eco-Friendly Accessories

Beth’s Golden Grass & Eco-Friendly Accessories…  Beth’s Golden Grass & Eco Friendly Accessories was founded in 2011 by Elisabeth Kudiess who had always liked handcrafted work and wanted to represent the bio jewelry artisans from Brazil. The webpage was created with the desire to give a voice to the communities of unknown crafted artisans spread throughout Brazil that do not have a voice to showcase their products.


Artisans, who work strenuous hours and in difficult conditions to support their families with their beautiful and diversified handmade jewelry, utensils and home product, by making a living from whatever nature gives them without throwing anything away, but transforming different materials in unique pieces.

Beth Golden Grass and Eco Friendly Accessories is a company compromised in helping to improve the lives of underprivileged communities of artisans in Brazil, by selling and advertising their eco-friendly jewelry made with ecological, sustainable and recycled materials. The materials used are a large selection of seeds collected from the ground, cattle’s horn, shells, coconut, mother-of-pearl, Brazilian stones, wood, natural threads, leather and cotton.

We believe that we can make a difference in people’s lives by showing the consumer that there are other beautiful, fashionable and affordable options in the bio jewelry market. We DO have the power to give little steps in order to protect the environment and help the people who live in these remote communities, by simply making a conscious buying decision.

We would like to help the different groups of artisans we are working with, by giving back 5% of the proceeds made, so they can improve the lives of their families and reinvest in their communities.

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