A Few of Our Top Spots for Holiday Fashion Shopping

A Few of Our Top Spots for Holiday Fashion Shopping

It’s about that time of year again for holiday fashion!

And even if the 2020 holidays are going to be a little bit different than what we’re used to, signs suggest that at the very least, people are keeping up the tradition of holiday shopping. In fact, a recent report published on Fortune suggested that retail sales will likely go up this year, despite the pandemic and everything that has come with it.

This means that among other things, many will be going about their holiday fashion shopping as usual (or perhaps with a bit more focus on online stores). Whether you interpret that as meaning it’s time to buy a few cute holiday season outfits for yourself, or you’re interested in buying some fashionable gifts for others, it’s about time to get started! So, building on the “Style Holiday Gift Guide” we posted previously, we want to take a look at fashion.

In this case, we’ll look not at specific outfits or collections, but at some of the stores standing out to us heading into the 2020 holidays.


We’ll start our list with Macy’s in the interest of not overthinking things. Is this pretty much the definition of a mainstream chain department store? Yes. But does that make it any less wonderful for holiday shopping? No! Macy’s tends to embrace the spirit of the season like few other retail outlets do, which tends to mean that it features festive, seasonal colors, some of the latest pieces from popular brands, and usually a few fun little gifts or accessories that take you by surprise. Whether you’re looking for clothing to gift others, a perfect holiday party ensemble, or even some cozy Christmas jammies, it always makes sense to start with Macy’s.


Nordstrom makes our list for some of the same reasons Macy’s does: It’s a mainstream department store that thoroughly embraces the holidays (though some look at the actual Nordstrom brand as somewhat more prestigious than Macy’s). We also like Nordstrom for savings on hefty holiday shopping runs though. The Nordstrom Rewards program actually appears on a list of the best rewards clubs maintained by Groupon, and for good reason. Members of “The Nordy Club” (which is free to join) earn points for purchases (one point per dollar spent, with 2,000 points amounting to a $20 card), as well as bonus points during some events like the holiday sales the store will often run. This can make some of the store’s finer offerings more affordable, and allow you to really get what you want this season. (Incidentally, the Macy’s rewards are featured on the same list — but with Nordstrom often running a little bit pricier, the Nordy Club is the real treat!)

Banana Republic

Banana Republic makes it onto our list for three reasons: First, it’s simply a fine store where quality is never in question and there are always seasonal, fashion-forward options (including for men, if you have any on your gift list!). Second, Banana Republic just about always runs a store-wide sale of 40% off or more in the days and weeks leading up to the holidays, which really makes for one of the best bargains in retail fashion. And third, the store happens to have some particularly lovely offering for the 2020 season. The store’s sweater tunic and lounge pants are about as cozy-chic as it gets, and its suede biker jacket may be the best lightweight outerwear we’ve seen this year. Banana is even offering some of the most stylish facemasks you’ll find this season!


Lululemon is a little bit more of a niche selection with a primary focus on exercise and lounge clothing. But it was actually a CNCB article about the company’s acquisition of Mirror (for a cool $500 million) that got us thinking it may be the perfect fashion shopping option for 2020. Mirror, for those who don’t know, is a kind of advanced at-home fitness machine and program, and Lululemon’s interest in it no doubt speaks to the drastic uptick in home exercise 2020 has brought about. Given that so many people are focusing more on working out at home (not to mention trying to stay as comfortable as they can during long hours at home), Lululemon’s famously cozy and stylish clothing is perfect for the 2020 holidays. You’ll love it for yourself, and it will be a hit with anyone you gift it to.

Local Boutiques

Lastly, we do want to make a pitch for local boutiques as well. Small and local companies have struggled mightily in 2020, and those that are selling fashion items this season could undoubtedly use the business. Given that local boutiques often have some of the cutest and most original offerings anyway, do take the time to explore some of your options on this front! You may find the perfect items, and help out a neighborhood small business in the process.

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