Derailed by Alexandra Boos

In the still silence of the night I can hear my inner voice imploring, “Where is the real you in this existence of yours?”  My life took a turn and it no longer reflects the path that my passions were taking me.  I feel derailed from my vision and my dreams.  Unfortunately, it is common that people step away from their aspirations. Caught up in the everyday grind, our inner dialogue plants doubts, “Who are you to dream so big?  That can never happen. It is impossible.”  But dreaming is good and, surprisingly, so is the pain of the unfulfillment.

Dreams direct our lives if we attempt to walk in line with them.  They can inspire and make us passionate about living. I believe that it is a language used by a higher power to communicate. I trust that if I am passionate about something, it is a seed planted by God that directs me to my soul work. I often imagine an angel whispering in my ear my next direction if only I had ears to hear. Dreams, although they might seem daunting and impossible, are keys to unlocking the secret blueprint that is emblazoned on your heart.  With faith, they indicate a direction toward your fulfillment.  Embrace them with all of your might.

Painful emotions can be good.  When we feel uncomfortable in our skin, it informs us that we are not living a life that resonates with the highest expression of ourselves.   Admittedly, there are times that circumstances don’t allow us to be in the exact desired position, such as illness, divorce, or even death.  Life can turn on a dime demolishing even the best plans. It is often said, “Life is what happens to us when we are making other plans.”  But some circumstances, although at face value can be judged as negative or bad can later reveal themselves to be true gifts.  I often remind myself that the universe is a loving place that can give obstacles for our higher good.  At times the biggest blessing is our unanswered prayers.

Life can be disappointing.  It does not always go the way that we envision.  I have to remind myself to have a little more trust in my path as in unfolds.  There are gifts to be found and lessons to be learned in all circumstances, even the painful ones.  So, let the pain and disappointment inform you to make a new choice for your life.  Trust that your dreams and desires were born to give direction and blaze a trail in this world reflecting your heart.  After all, the only failure will be in not trying at all.