Advertising Disclosures

Amaze Magazine Advertising Disclosures

Updated 7/28/17

All views and opinions expressed on Amaze Magazine are the opinion of the author(s), and not subject to pre-approval by a brand or public relations firm. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer or brand in question.

If you click on a link or ad and are taken to a third party website, please check that site’s privacy policy if you want to learn how your personal information is used by that site.

Affiliate Links Affiliate Links

In some articles and social media platforms, Amaze Magazine may use Google AdSense, Amazon Services or other affiliate management programs. Any affiliate links or ads from the Amaze Magazine website or our social media outlets to an external shopping site may be tagged with our affiliate code resulting in income to Amaze Magazine, only if the user makes a purchase on the affiliate’s website.

Sponsored  Sponsored

If an article or email is labeled as ‘Sponsored’, Amaze Magazine has received some compensation for publishing it.

Press Samples  PR Sample

Some products mentioned on Amaze Magazine have been sent or provided on temporary loan from a brand or public relations firm for editorial consideration.

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