This in from Al Gore, Arctic Tale

Can you imagine spending 15 years in the Arctic documenting the lives of polar bears and walruses as they struggle against their environment and the added challenge of the climate crisis?

That’s just what filmmakers Adam Ravetch and Sarah Robertson did, and they turned their work into one of the most beautiful films of the year.

“Arctic Tale” follows the story of Seela — a walrus calf — and Nanu — a polar bear cub — on their journey from birth to parenthood. In addition to the day-to-day challenges they face, global warming has caused the sea ice they call their home to decline by 30% over the past half a century. Polar bears hunt on sea ice, and walruses rest on it when they come out of the sea. Without it, their survival in the desolate arctic environment is impossible.

Queen Latifah beautifully narrates the story, which my daughter Kristin helped write. While the film is both heartwarming and humorous, it truly brings to life the damage the climate crisis is doing to our planet.

Learn more about the film and find out where it’s playing near you by visiting:

If you are looking for a film your entire family will enjoy this weekend, “Arctic Tale” is sure to please.

Thank you,

Al Gore