It’s not always easy for busy moms to think about saving the earth—they’re just trying to figure out what to feed the kids for dinner.  With that in mind, Working Mother magazine did a little asking around, and got advice from some of the most notable champions of the environment on the one thing even the busiest parents can do to save the planet.

Leonardo DiCaprio, actor and producer of the documentary 11th Hour:
“Go to and send a message to Congress and our political leaders that we want to endorse new technologies, like solar and wind power.  We don’t want to rely on these ancient resources, like coal and oil, anymore.”

Cate Blanchett, actress, I’m Not There:
“Conserve water.  I take two-minute showers, and it’s great to see my children engaged in these things, like when you put your toothbrush under the tap, turn off the water the minute you take it out and don’t let the water run.”

Al Gore, former vice president, author of Earth in the Balance:  Ecology and the Human Spirit:

“Use programmable thermostats.  Set them a little bit cooler in the winter and a little bit warmer in the summer when you’re not in the house.  A difference of two degrees can reduce up to nine percent of a home’s CO2 emissions over a year.”

Mariska Hargitay, actress, Law & Order SVU:
“As a new mother, I can’t think of a more important thing to do for my child than to make changes in my life to help safe the earth.  Use cloth napkins that you can wash instead of paper napkins and paper towels.  If you use paper products, buy environmentally safe ones.”

Woody Harrelson, actor, The Grand:
“Use all-natural, green cleansers in your house instead of the toxic petrochemical cleansers commonly used.”

Dr. Wangari Maathai, Nobel Prize winner, founder of the Green Belt Movement:
“I urge people not to use plastic bags that are so thin they tear or used once and then thrown away.  If we instead carried our shopping in more long-lasting and environmentally friendly containers, we could revitalize industries like basket and cloth weaving.”

Chevy Chase, actor and comedian:
“Use mass transit, carpool, consolidate errands, buy in bulk, don’t wash your underwear.  (Yes, that last one’s meant to be a joke!)”

Rachelle Carson-Begley, wife of Ed Begley, Jr., and costar of HGTV’s Living With Ed:
“The most important thing to do to be more green is to become conscious of your lifestyle as it is.  Start small.  If you don’t already recycle, start!”

Alex Matthiessen, president of Riverkeeper Inc.:
“Use efficient compact fluorescent bulbs.  Switching just one bulb prevents one hundred pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere.  Inside each one is toxic mercury, so check with your local retailer or government agency for how to dispose of them properly.”