Keep Your Eyes Feeling Fine in Wintertime

Dryeyejan08Winter allergies are something that you don’t hear about too often, although you should.  With the heat and the furnace on, dust particles and dry environments can cause your eyes to become irritated, itchy and dry.  And ever notice that when you leave the warmth of your house to go out into the crisp, cool morning, your eyes start to tear?  It’s no coincidence.  The cold temperature and wind create a condition of dryness that causes your eyes to react.

Dr. Robert Latkany, author of THE DRY EYE REMEDY (Hatherleigh Press) suggests five simple things you can do to be more comfortable this winter season:

1) CATCH SOME ZZZZZ’S: A deep sleep of at least eight hours bathes the eye, replenishes the tear film, and soothes the ocular surface.  So go ahead and hibernate this winter!

2) LOAD UP ON OMEGA-3s: Soybeans, wheat germ, walnuts, flaxseed and canola-oil are rich in omega-3s, but if you prefer a pill, try fish oil supplements.

3) EXERCISE: Besides keeping you trim and limber, exercise reduces toxins and boosts the health of your ocular surface.  20 minutes five days a week is the recommended amount.

4) STAY HYDRATED: Six to eight glasses of water a day helps wash away toxins and promotes healthy vision.

5) DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY: Spend time with friends and family. There is evidence that social interaction, alongside diet and exercise, lowers stress and inflammation. This should be easy enough around the holidays!

Untreated, dry eye syndrome gets progressively worse, so treating your symptoms now is crucial for maintaining healthy vision and preventing premature aging. In his new book THE DRY EYE REMEDY, Dr. Robert Latkany offers simple and surgery-free ways to improve eye health and appearance. If you think you may have dry eyes, consult with your eye doctor. For more tips on how to prevent dry eye symptoms and preserve the health and beauty of your eyes, see THE DRY EYE REMEDY, in bookstores everywhere.