The Body Knows: Ask a Medical Intuitive by Caroline Sutherland

Dear Caroline,

I have had a devastating spring and it doesn’t look as if this summer is going to be much better. I got passed up for a promotion that was given to one of my coworkers and my boyfriend just broke up with me. I feel abandoned, marginalized and rejected. I’m really struggling with these issues and now they are affecting my health. I am plagued with various infections, allergies and fatigue. What should I do?
Rhonda M., Fort Worth Texas

Dear Rhonda,
The journey of the soul is a complicated one. We often think that we are in control of the course of our life but when we encounter these kinds of challenges it is evident that we are not.

The universe is always working to bring us to the place where we need to be. The job that you have been passed over was not the right job for you. In time you will look back and realize that this is so. The boyfriend who is no longer your partner may not be the right match for you in the long run.

Both of these events though devastating at this time are calling you to bring back your power and gather it into your self – to become powerful and self sufficient in your own right.

It can be a great work – the work of personal self mastery, acceptance of things as they are and to surrender to the timing of the universe.

Here are some personal strategies:

Use Bach Flower remedies to help you cope with the emotion of abandonment and despair. I like Gorse for hopelessness and despair. This remedy instills a feeling of positive faith and hope. I also like Gentian for discouragement and despondency. This remedy evokes a feeling of strength and courage while overcoming difficulties and setbacks.

You can also use a CD that I created years ago called “Letting Go of the Past and Moving Forward”  – the perfect scripting for just this sort of life challenge.

I’m a big fan of eating correctly and getting good sleep. Let the healing power of the angels minister to you each night. Eat well. Don’t let the emotions send you into food and substance addictions.

Just keep affirming that the universe is always bringing you the next step and leading you to where you need to be. You’re in LIFE 101. Breathe in the healing power of spirit as you choose to learn the lessons with dignity and grace.