An Interview With Author and Medical Intuitive Caroline Sutherland by Anne Baird

She’s sixty-four, dynamic and attractive, with a wonderful new husband and a terrific family. On top of that, her new book passing on “the secrets of vibrant aging”, The Body Knows… How to Stay Young, is #1 on Amazon in the healthy aging category.

She takes strong stands on a number of hot-button topics related to health, including the following:

•    SUGAR AND REFINED CARBS ARE YOUR ENEMY: “The most important change I made in my health regime when I was recovering from a serious illness was to eliminate sugar and refined carbs.”

•    FAT IS YOUR FRIEND. “A low fat diet weakens connective tissue, undermines skin elasticity and healthy brain function. Fats such as butter, olive oil, coconut oil are good for you!”

•    RED MEAT IS GOOD FOR YOUR HEART. “It’s the most bio-available source of iron and B vitamins for cell repair and energy. It supports the electrical firing of the heart.”

•    TESTOSTERONE PROTECTS MEN FROM PROSTATE CANCER: “If elevated testosterone caused prostate cancer, then wouldn’t we see cancer in eighteen-year-olds instead of in men sixty years old and up?”

Meet Caroline Sutherland! She’s a Medical Intuitive, best-selling author, sought-after speaker at conferences, and an entertaining and informative guest on radio and TV. She’s 100% dedicated to helping you live healthily and happily for your whole life.

How did she get to be who she is? This is her story…

Healing is part of Caroline’s heritage. Her grandfather and father were both doctors; her mother was a nutritionist. But her path has not followed that of traditional Western medicine.

Born in 1944 in a tiny Scottish village north of Edinborough, she moved with her family to Kenya at age three, when her father, Dr. Anderson, was hired by the British Colonial Service to take care of British expatriates. After three happy years, their life in Africa was cut short when a native African vegetable seller warned them that the bloody Mau Mau uprising was about to explode.

Immigrating to Canada in 1950, they settled in British Columbia for nine years. Then, Dr. Anderson received another irresistible call, this time to work for the World Health Organization. He served in India, Africa and Turkey, taking his wife, younger daughter and three-year-old son with him. At age 15, Caroline was sent to a Swiss boarding school.

The Andersons reunited in British Columbia for her senior year. She completed high school and attended the University of British Columbia, where she studied Fine Arts. She married her college sweetheart at twenty-one, had her first daughter at twenty-five (she has two), and settled into a comfortable life as a wife, mother and homemaker.

“I was extremely creative,” she says. “I was the precursor to Martha Stewart. I painted, cooked, baked, decorated, entertained, and organized. I was Super Mom!”

Why didn’t she pursue a medical career instead, like her parents?

“Because I couldn’t stand the sight of blood,” she admits. “Blood turned me off. So I chose to be an artist instead. And I was a family person.”

All that changed in 1982 after seventeen years of marriage. She was thirty-eight.

“I got sick. I had early symptoms of MS: numbness, tingling in the arms and hands, memory loss, balance problems, depression, bumping into things.”

Her primary care physician, baffled by her illness, referred her to a doctor specializing in environmental medicine. He discovered that her symptoms were related to environmental factors: food intolerances, allergies, hormonal imbalances, chemical sensitivities, and yeast-related issues. He put her on a strict new diet, the most important element being to stop eating sugar, to which she had become addicted. Coffee, soft drinks, alcohol, and excessive carbohydrates were also on the NO list.

Within a month, Caroline was totally symptom free. It was miraculous! Her illness and healing brought an unexpected gift – a pathway into what was to become her passion and calling – the search for wholeness in body, mind and spirit.

Ecstatic about her experience of regeneration from a serious health breakdown, Caroline explored other aspects of holistic medicine. She studied meditation and kinesiology. She turned her gift for cooking into inventing recipes that were both healthy and tasty. She taught these recipes to other patients, and helped out at the doctor’s office. Impressed by her energy and enthusiasm, the doctor asked her to learn how to do allergy testing using some sophisticated European equipment he’d acquired. Caroline jumped at the opportunity. She became his allergy-testing technician.

Between 1983 and 1986, she was involved in the testing and treatment of over 55,000 patient visits at their clinic. She had practical, hands-on experience with some of the sickest chronically ill people in the Pacific Northwest, and the world. Something else was also happening. Her study of meditation and kinesiology made her extraordinarily sensitive and intuitive toward the patients she analyzed.

Gradually, she noticed that she knew, instinctively, before testing them, what each patient’s needs were. The technical testing she continued to use validated her intuitions, and her boss valued and supported them. Soon, he realized that Caroline could diagnose without equipment!  The clinic’s reputation grew. Within three months of having Caroline’s gift revealed, the office had a yearlong waiting list for diagnosis and treatment.

In 1986, drained by the intensity of her work at the clinic, Caroline followed the leading of her inner voice. She left to begin doing her own work. Her husband supported her through her fledgling efforts to start her business as a medical intuitive, which was extremely helpful.

However, the union was no longer happy, so in 1988, she made an even more difficult decision. At forty-four, she left her marriage of twenty-three years and started over again. She agreed to have her daughters live with and be supported financially by their father – taking only a modest financial settlement for herself.

The girls were no longer small children. Caroline reasoned that their father could better meet their need for financial security, than an entrepreneurial mother, embarking on a journey into the unknown to follow her calling. She would continue as their strong emotional support. But they would have the advantage of a stable, day-by-day relationship with their dad – a privilege Caroline herself had not always enjoyed.

The next years were brutal. Caroline used her divorce settlement to begin her work of bringing health to people whose bodies and spirits were breaking down. Many times, she went through a “dark night of the soul.” Money was short, and building her reputation was hard. But she persevered, honing her intuition, creating and selling relaxation tapes, doing “readings” on people, creating her Angel Doll Project for children, and speaking at conferences.

“It was a complete refit of a person from the ground up. It was painful. But had I not gone through it, I doubt I would be who or where I am today,” she says.

In 1995, Caroline had a near-death experience that brought an epiphany affirming, once and for all, that she was following the right path. From that moment forward, there was no doubt in her mind that she was here on Earth to help people become healthy, so they could finish what they were meant to do.

Through a serendipitous meeting in San Diego in 1999, Caroline’s career took a surprising turn when she met Louise Hay, founder of Hay House, the biggest independent publisher of self-help and inspirational books in the world. Louise is considered to be the “grandmother of metaphysics.” She was very impressed with Caroline’s abilities. She told her that if she wrote a book about her work, she would publish it. That book, The Body “Knows”: How to Tune In to Your Body and Improve Your Health, was published in 2001.

Now, seven years later, Caroline has five books under her belt, as well as many affirming CDs, DVDs, Meditation Tapes, and works for children. Her work has provided her with a faithful and growing following, and a rich, fulfilling life. That life includes her wonderful husband, Gary (they’ve been married 3 years), her three daughters (one is Gary’s), three grandchildren, a condo in West Vancouver, a home in Bellingham, Washington, and a boat.

“I feel so blessed,” she says. “I’m happily married to a man who shares my purpose as a health educator, and who supports me in every way. He’s an oncology nurse and a Buddhist.  I’m an Anglican/Episcopalian, a medical intuitive, and a writer. But it works. I’m sixty-four years old, and I’ve never felt more fully alive! New doors are opening every day…”

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