The Body Knows: Ask a Medical Intuitive by Caroline Sutherland

Dear Caroline,

We have heard so much about “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne which focuses on the notion that we manifest in direct relationship to what we believe. If this is true, and we are practicing the principles as best we can, why are so many people including me, dealing with health challenges and financial issues?
Bonnie R., Seattle Washington

Dear Bonnie,

The Secret hit the world by storm last year and each person who was affected by the book and the movie did a personal review of their thoughts, actions and consequent manifesting abilities. It was not pretty for some and for others they were right on target. The universe is always delivering what we believe and what we think. If we think negative thoughts, we will manifest or attract negative experiences and negative people. The reverse is also true.

Many people tell me that they always think positively and yet they have health challenges. Others can be mean and nasty but they enjoy a relative level of good health – which can be an unfathomable observation for us health nuts.

The secret of The Secret is to become aware. To notice what we are doing and become the witness to our attitudes and habits. To wake up to the fact that the universe is organic, changing and moving and that when we alter our thinking, actions and life-style choices. We can make the decision to turn a negative into a positive in the wink of an eye.

You’ve heard the expression that health is wealth. There is no real benefit to having financial abundance unless we have the health to enjoy it. Once a person regains their health, their ability to manifest their hearts desire is greatly enhanced. Vibrant health changes the aura making it wider, thicker and glowing – the perfect magnet for attraction! Here’s my list of keys to abundance and good health.

21 Keys to Financial Freedom and Abundant Health

•    Invest in yourself – use your time, talent and skills to develop YOU!
•    Invest in projects and people that you admire and who are helping the world.
•    Give to others – even if you aren’t prosperous – giving attracts more to YOU!
•    Honor and value yourself – treat yourself with kindness and respect.
•    Learn to trust the Universe – it always brings what we need on cue.
•    Timing is everything. Be aware of the Universe’s timing – not your timing.
•    Stay open to opportunities.
•    The next step is always delivered – right to your door – be alert.
•    Opportunities may present themselves once and may not be repeated.
•    Focus your money and your energy on your health first – not your wealth.
•    Save some money – always have a little cushion for a rainy day
•    Pay off credit cards at the end of every month.
•    Before making any purchase, ask the question, “Is this purchase necessary”
•    Be creative – make things, cards or gifts – they are from the heart.
•    Meditate – creative ideas flow in when the mind is quiet.
•    Eat protein at every meal – this keeps energy up and blood sugar balanced
•    Fat in the diet promotes brain function, joint lubrication and healthy skin.
•    Deepen your spiritual connection. You and the Divine are a formidable team.
•    Smile – it lifts your face and your spirits and everyone else’s too!
•    Be happy – this is your purpose – it fills the world with joy.
•    Visualize the future you want and then surrender to the unfolding process of life.