Accessing the Creative Matrix: Practicing Quantum Feng Shui by Christan Hummel

“There is no order of magnitude in miracles.”
–A Course in Miracles

I love that quote more than any other. Perhaps because so many of us at one time or another have experienced what we would call a miracle. Having experienced a “miracle” at any level of magnitude, it confirms for us that much greater things are possible, that miracles are really just the working out of Laws that are as yet unknown. So the natural question becomes, how to we begin to access that state more often and consciously? And yet, as feng shui consultants we are doing it all the time, yet perhaps not consciously.

In feng shui, we are working to access a hidden matrix of our space, a hologram, a blueprint, a morphegenic field, the devic consciousness, the spirit of place–by whatever name it is called, it is this hidden energetic LIFE behind the form that our cures and ceremonies are addressing that is responsible for the miraculous changes we observe when we see a shift in an environment. As such, we are accessing what I call the Creative Matrix of a space and learning to shift it alchemically for positive benefit.

The movies “What the Bleep” and “The Secret” have beautifully illustrated that we live in a world of vibrations. All thoughts and feelings can be translated into vibrations.  If those thoughts and feelings are of fear and survival, anger and hate, then this is the vibration we are emitting and consequently the reality we are creating for ourselves. However, we can reprogram those vibrations anytime we choose and as such, we then access a new holographic matrix. Our cures do not hold intrinsic value in and of themselves, they are not magical potions or elixers–but hold an INTENT we offer to the space. Since these cures have a long tradition and history of their use, since they have a collective consensus of their potency and effect, there is a matrix or grid established about them and when we use them, we access THAT matrix of possibilities.

However, it is our thoughts, feelings and vibratory essence which these cures and talismen are anchoring and tapping into. WE are the source, not just the agent for the changes we are affecting in our environments.  Physicists have discovered that the smallest particle of “matter” in our Universe isn’t matter at all! The electron, which seems to behave as both a particle AND a wave, does so according to how it is being observed! When scientist test it to see if it is a wave, that’s how it responds. When they test it to see if it is a particle, then THAT is how it responds. So the observer not only affects the experiment, the observer actually DETERMINES THE EXPERIMENT! In fact, quantum physicists have now concluded that the electron doesn’t even have an orbit, but circles in a cloud of potentiality. It is not until it is OBSERVED that it chooses a particular orbit. So Flip Wilson’s quirp from the 1970’s “What you see is what you get” is proving more true that we ever knew.

What does this mean to us on a day to day level? Do our thoughts about a space actually affect, and even determine what we experience in a space? Is it possible that our belief in the effectiveness of a particular feng shui cure is AS RESPONSIBLE for the effectiveness we observe as the cure itself?  According to quantum physics, yes. We are at the place where metaphysics and quantum physics are sharing common ground.

So then thoughts of love, peace, charity, hope, faith, trust, prayer––all equally accessible to each and every one of us daily– invoke a vibratory energy, one that accesses another vibratory state, the chosen “orbit” of our electron making up our universe. As such, the vibrations we hold in our hearts and minds are the key to what manifests in our lives, not something out there somewhere. The world originates within us despite the outer appearance. The outer is simply the reflection of our inner state.

The ramifications of this awareness go far beyond our feng shui practice, since as “quantum feng shui practitioners” the Earth is our client with each and every situation presenting the same possibility for shifting the holographic matrix of its creation. So, during this time of choosing new leaders, of looking for new, more fulfilling economic models, of healing the ravaged parts of the Earth, and of demanding that America live up to the true spirit upon which this country was founded, our thoughts are of even more importance than ever as they create the new hologram allowing these ideals to express themselves.

We are living in a time when ancient principles that have been espoused for ages from Vedic texts to Native American philosophies are being validated by science–a meeting point between science and spirituality where these principles are being tested and proven to be true.

Many have heard of the research in Japan by Masaru Emoto that revealed water changes its physical and molecular structure when exposed to different sounds, words, thoughts, pictures and prayer. Before and after photographs of the water crystal of a polluted dam revealed that the structure went from a chaotic structure when first sampled, then transformed into a beautiful symmetrical snowflake-like crystal when a group of people sent their prayers to the dam.

Similar events have occurred throughout the world as a result of simple earth healing. Using the power of conscious intent, groups around the world have effectively proven that it is possible to restore balance to distorted weather patterns, crime rates, reduce drug use in cities, reduce earthquake activity, lower water and air pollution levels, restore marine and bird life to formerly polluted areas and even affect political and economic outcomes for positive aims. All of this resulting, not through governmental programs, or massive financial investments, but through the focused intent of small grassroots groups around the world.

Recent “natural” disasters of hurricanes in the gulf, and the tsunami of Indonesia, remind us that we are in a very intimate, and dependent relationship with Nature. The Native cultures throughout the world believed that such catastrophic events are Nature’s response to our collective thoughts and feelings.  As such, there can be no better time to access our power of our conscious intent to shift this “creative matrix” of which we are an intimate part.

Evidence of groups around the world working with focused intent alongside the research of Emoto in Japan, Heart Math, Bruce Lipton and others confirm what the ancients have taught for centuries. Energy follows thought; our physical world is merely the reflection of our energy world. By working with this unseen matrix of creation, we can alter the physical manifestations and outcomes. We have the power to affect our inner energy worlds, and in fact we do it with each and every thought. So what do we want to dream? What kind of a world do we want to create? The choice is still ours.