Should-Free Living by Heather Strang – Spending Less

Heather Strang, and co-author Brooke Emery, wrote the upcoming book Stop Shoulding On Yourself! A Woman’s Guide From Obligation to Inspiration. The book encourages women to live from an authentic and should-free space.

So, grab a cup of tea and read on…who knows, you just might find some great ideas for your own life…

Dear Heather,

I feel like I should be spending less money now due to all the hub-bub about the economic “crisis”, but everything I know about the law of attraction tells me that to get it to flow, I’ve got to be spending – like attracts like!


Dear J.G.,

This is such a phenomenal question – thank you for sending it in. It seems like everywhere we turn, there’s bad news – the sky is falling, the sky is falling! People are constricting their wallets and businesses are responding in kind. It then becomes a vicious cycle with everyone blaming everyone else for the alleged mess. However, what really matters is not who’s to blame, but how we can each take personal responsibility for our economic standing and choose differently.

Should’s tend to position us as the victim of what someone else is doing. Someone else thinks we should be thinner, we should spend less money, we should parent our children better, we should be fearful about the economy, etc.

Should’s completely disempower us! They take away our natural ability to choose what is best for ourselves (because we are, in fact, the only ones who know what is best for us) and instead places them in the hands of society, our culture at large, or our friends and family.

So, J.G., do YOU think you need to spend less money? Try this:

-Go to your favorite room in your house.
-Sit in a comfortable position.
-Close your eyes.
-Breathe deeply through your belly, in and out.
-Ask yourself: Do I really need to spend less money?
-Listen for a response.
-Observe the way your body responds to it
-Does it feel good or does it feel bad?
-If it feels bad, try focusing in on what would make you feel good.
-Honor that.