Heather Strang Debuts Anatomy of the Heart

Heather Strang Debuts Anatomy of the HeartHeather Strang Debuts Anatomy of the Heart, featuring more than 45 poems chronicling one woman’s journey with love. Walk with her through the beginning stages of love, sink into the depths of the experience, reminisce over lost love and join in the heartache of desiring a former lover. You’ll also uncover the surprising similarities between the physical heart and the emotional one. The two work together like mirrors, showing us all we need to know about love and ourselves. Ultimately, Anatomy of the Heart brings us back to one core truth: true love is a process occurring within each one of us. Love is not an experience happening out there but rather it is an experience we’re having inside of ourselves, in our bodies and in our hearts. To have loved – for even a moment – is a beautiful process regardless of the outcome.

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Heather Strang is a writer and success coach passionate about conscious living. Her writing has appeared in blogs, books and a host of print and online publications, including 20-Something Manifesto, Women’s eNews, The Oregonian, Amaze Magazine, NW Women’s Journal and many others. In addition, Heather coaches individuals and teaches workshops on a variety of conscious living topics. When she’s not writing, you’ll find Heather meditating on the beach in Kauai, creating new recipes and exploring the possibilities of the Universe. To learn more, visit: www.HeatherStrang.com.