Ode to Olive Oil


Olive Oil Opulence from Salon Mario Russo

Olive Oil is one of those magical substances and ideal for almost everything – your diet, skin, hands, nails and most of all your hair! Prized for its strand uses since the ancient times, olive oil is relatively inexpensive and can be purchased in most grocery stores. It is also infused into many hair care products to quench the thirst of extremely dry strands.

Olive oil is absorbed quickly and therefore helps lock in moisture in to the hair. The high percentage of unsaturated fat and vitamins A and E, help smooth and replenish dry, over processed strands. This elixir can be housed in a beautiful bottle, attractive enough to keep it in your bathroom or you can simply purchase products that are infused with olive oil, like the Mario Russo Intensive Hair Care Crème. “If you don’t like the smell, you can always mix it with a little of your favorite hand, body, or hair lotions,” says Mario Russo.

Mario Russo’s At Home Olive Oil Recipe:
For brittle or over processed hair, Boston hair stylist, Mario Russo, recommends rinsing your hair after a shampoo with a solution of olive oil and egg (one beaten egg with 1/2 to 3/4 cup of olive oil) and leaving it on for 30 minutes, covered with a plastic cap. Mario suggests weekly or monthly treatments, depending on the condition of your tresses.

If you are worried about time and just want a quick olive-fix, try the Mario Russo Intensive Hair Care Crème, an instant surge of moisture that will hydrate strands instantly. This treatment work reverse damage and restore hair’s natural beauty. The following ingredients make this product a must-have for hair:

Castor Seed oil and lipid enhancers soothe brittle hair and the scalp’s natural oil balance
Shea Butter works to heal damaged locks
Panthenol vitamins replenish and revitalize hair
Mario’s signature olive oil creates a lasting shine and luster

To use the Intensive Hair Care Cream, apply to just shampooed, towel dried hair (especially to the ends) and leave on for 20 minutes or longer, then rinse.

$32.50 at MarioRusso.com

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