The Body Knows: Ask a Medical Intuitive by Caroline Sutherland

Dear Caroline,

I have gained so much by reading your column each month and I would like to describe a dream I had which may concern a health issue. I woke up seeing red and fire coming toward me through a tunnel. I tried to get out of the way, but it just kept coming – the heat was so intense. I have been experiencing a lot of intestinal pain and I wonder if my dream is trying to tell me something.
Michele C. Salmon Idaho

Dear Michele,

I can see from your dream that there may be an aspect of you that is persecuting you or coming toward you with great intensity. Fire in a dream can mean a person can be literally “on fire” with anger or consumed by passion or an issue or condition is trying to get our attention. Your intestinal pain and this vivid dream may indeed be connected. The guts or abdomen represent power, the fire in the belly or the furnace. Look to see where your power is being expended; are there angry issues in your life? What issue is consuming you?

Now let’s look at calming down the guts on the physical level. Be sure to check with your medical doctor before embarking on any new program and have any pertinent tests to rule out a deeper medical condition.

Medical intuition is the ability to see beyond the normal levels of perception. Our desire is to see more clearly and to have this intuitive power available to us moment by moment. Dreams are part of this insight.

My background as an allergy-testing technician gives me the framework upon which I base my instincts.  I believe that a clear, detoxified body “sees” when it is free of poisons, allergic substances and toxic overload and feels and thinks more clearly. Many people, after they have removed allergens from their bodies, can and do have vivid dreams which can be very revealing as far as health is concerned. Because of the disturbing nature of your dream, pay attention.

I believe your issue has a lot to do with too much acid in the system as well as a deeper emotional issue. Give yourself a week to follow this program.

  • Remove coffee, sugar and dairy products from the diet. These foods are all acid producing.
  • Add 2 broad spectrum digestive enzymes with each meal.
  • Sip warm water or weak herbal tea throughout the day. Peppermint tea can be very soothing. Your tummy should calm down.

Dreams speak to us in symbols. Most of the symbols, pictures, or messages are garbled and make no obvious sense. Psychotherapists tell us that dreams are the inner workings of the subconscious, releasing the clutter of the mind. But the symbols of dreams can be instrumental in understanding emotional blockages, assisting with physical healing or in foretelling the future.

There are many useful books to help decipher a dream’s message. I recommend The Mystical, Magical, Marvelous World of Dreams, by Hilda B.Tanner, (Sparrow Hawk Press, 1988).

There is no right or wrong way to interpret dreams.  The questions you want to ask yourself are, “What does this dream mean to me?” and “What is the deeper, subconscious part of me trying to communicate through this dream?”  Ask for clarity regarding an issue in your life to come through a dream. Your desire is to be strengthened not weakened by the experience.

Caroline Sutherland has been a medical intuitive for 20 years. Her popular book, “The Body Knows” – how to tune in to your body and improve your health (Hay House) shows us how to implement the intuitive process for ourselves. Visit online at