The Body Knows: Ask a Medical Intuitive by Caroline Sutherland

Dear Caroline,

For years I have suffered from terrible hay fever and allergies. It is much worse in the spring and fall. Can you help me?
Paul S., Seattle Washington

Dear Paul,

Medical intuition is about tuning in and becoming a detective. The first clue to your condition is the times of the year you are most affected and the fact that you live in Seattle.

My background as an allergy-testing technician in the Pacific Northwest revealed important clues about allergies to airborne inhalants and molds!

Seattle because of the amount of rain and moisture can be very damp. People can be severely affected by molds

– Alternaria, Aspergillis, Hormodendrum, and Pullularia  – common molds found in soil and decaying vegetation. Stachy Botris is a nasty mold that grows in damp wallboard or moist carpeting. Molds abound in the air we breathe all over the Pacific Northwest and many other areas of the country, except in summer when the weather is dry and the mold count is low.

Do you best to dry out your home. Don’t spend time in moldy, damp basements.

Next, take a look at your bedroom. Are their feathers on the bed? Are there pets in the bedroom? What about dust? And of course, if there are plants in the bedroom molds called Cryptococcus or Fusarium can be emitted into the air that you breathe at night.

Next build up your immune system with correct nutrition and supplementation so that you are not as acutely affected by outside influences. Do a candida yeast eradication program. Candida can live in the respiratory tract. Also, try removing all dairy products from the diet – dairy products are mucous forming.

Then go in and take a look at some of the emotional components that are affecting nasal passages and the respiratory tract. Close your eyes and imagine you are an energy power center. Visualize where your own power is leaking out to people, places or things outside of your self. You may have an “investment” in another person or in a past issue that continues to rob you of vital energy. Now, breathe the “life force” back into your body and regain the power that you have lost.

Building self-esteem is the key to retaining your own valuable energy. Finding joy and happiness in everything you do are the ultimate goals to keeping you healthy and strong and unaffected by outside influences.

Caroline Sutherland has been a medical intuitive for 20 years. Her popular book, “The Body Knows” – how to tune in to your body and improve your health (Hay House) shows us how to implement the intuitive process for ourselves. Visit online at