Best Food for Your Baby & Toddler by Jeannette Bessinger and Tracee Yablon-Brenner

Best Food for Your Baby & Toddler by Jeannette Bessinger and Tracee Yablon-Brenner –From First Foods to Meals Your Child Will Love aims at reversing the trend of childhood obesity by cultivating the baby’s palate to crave tasty/healthy foods. The recipes have all been child-tested and approved, and are eminently practical b/c they can be prepared in 15 mins.

The book teaches parents how to select the right food, set up a pantry (with a guide to key kitchen equipment), establish smart eating routines, and introduce a wide variety of tastes and textures. It also explores today’s most pressing nutrition issues: Should you buy only organic food? Is it healthy to restrict a toddler’s calorie intake? Is a vegetarian diet good for a very young child? Additional resources include information on breastfeeding and food allergies, as well as a comprehensive listing of whole foods companies and products that make healthy eating faster and easier.

While this book has many great recipes, it is much more than that. It is really a guide book– one that helps navigate the pitfalls of processed, non-nutritious, unhealthy foods that abound today, and instead find REAL foods that your baby/toddler will love. It doesn’t have to be all hotdogs with mac & cheese…

The book is full of information on developmental nutrition, healthy food alternatives, and age-appropriate guidelines for what to introduce and when to introduce it. This book is full of creative ideas and is a great guide for new parents (or even experienced ones). It is not preachy, and it is backed by science. Kind of like a “Food Rules” for the under three-year-old set. If you follow this book’s advice, you will be giving your child a gift that is far more precious than any toy or blanket. You will be giving the gift of good health.

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