Kirsten Corcoran Top Five Tips for Achieving a Naturally Younger Looking Face

Guest Writer Kirsten Corcoran, of Larenim® Mineral Makeup, offers Amaze readers the Top Five Tips for Achieving a Naturally Younger Looking Face

By Kirsten Corcoran

The quest to look younger is a top pursuit for many women. The fundamentals of youthful beauty include a smooth, even complexion and bright, sparkling eyes and we live in an age where any woman can achieve these goals. Just follow a few simple steps and watch the years melt away.

1) Detox the skin with a good clay facial masque. A healthy complexion is a great canvas on which to apply makeup—makeup will simply look better on healthier skin. The body is well served by detoxification, and so is the face. To promote a bright and healthy complexion, use a facial detox masque two or three times a week. A good masque will draw out impurities and rev up the circulation in the face to assist with healing.

2) Even the skin tone with mineral foundation. To create the most youthful look possible, begin with mineral foundation. Apply two to three very light layers, or enough to achieve an evenly toned complexion. Use a firm but silky kabuki-type brush to ensure the best distribution of the minerals. If any blemishes still show through, use a stiff concealer-type brush to apply a heavier layer of foundation or a concealer. (If you use a concealer, be sure to taper the edges so you do not draw attention to the makeup). Next, use a concealer-type brush to apply a pore-spackling product and “fill” the pores in. This will help to create a porcelain finish, a trademark of young, healthy skin.

3) Flatter mature eyes with this instant “lift”. Applying a light shade of pearlescent eye colour to the brow bones will “lift” the eyes, as does applying two to three layers of lash defining mascara to the top lashes only. Apply a dot of the same eye colour to the inner corners of the eyes for a bright and youthful effect.

4) Add glow to your complexion with a blush that mimics the natural color of your cheeks when flushed. Select a shade of blush that mimics the natural color of your cheeks when flushed. You can also add bronzer to your face for a warm, sunny glow, but make sure your bronzer is not the orange, sparkly variety, which can wind up making you look older and unnatural—not a trademark of youthful beauty!

5) Achieve a porcelain smooth finish by applying a bismuth and talc free setting powder as a finishing step, apply a light layer of a bismuth- and talc-free setting powder. (Bismuth and talc are both common cosmetic ingredients and enemies to any woman seeking to look younger!) Again using the kabuki-style brush, go over your face with a quick, gentle buffing motion to blend and soften the makeup. To immediately set the minerals and create a translucent glow, lightly mist a facial spray containing glycerin over your makeup. Touch up throughout the day with finishing powder, as needed, to prevent oily shine from emphasizing imperfections.

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