Cure Your Well-Being By Eating Healthy Healing Foods

Cure Your Well-Being By Eating Healthy Healing FoodsThe Essential Guide to Healthy Healing Foods steers readers to use the power of fresh, nutritious foods to boost health and well-being.

Today, it is estimated that Americans spend up to 47 billion dollars on alternative therapies to improve their health. However, needless therapies can be avoided with simple eating and lifestyle changes. The Essential Guide to Healthy Healing Foods strives to educate those who are interested in preventing, managing or reversing the symptoms of a wide range of health issues, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, dementia, inflammation, and insomnia.

Recent research have sparked public interest in the healing power of foods, and the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans emphasize plant-based foods to fend off  chronic diseases and maintain overall health for life. The benefits of eating healthfully are endless and in The Essential Guide to Healthy Healing Foods lies nutrition solutions to a variety of health challenges and concerns facing our nation today.

The Essential Guide to Healthy Healing Foods arms readers with an arsenal of basic nutrition knowledge to become more mindful eaters – in a world where mindless eating runs rampant. The book offers:

• A multitude of healthful, whole food options for various conditions, such as heart disease, certain cancers, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, sleep disorders, memory problems, allergies, PMS, migraines, and arthritis;

• Evidence-based recommendations of a wide-range of foods that can increase health, well-being and longevity;

• Ways to incorporate  more healthful foods and eating behaviors into your day to boost and replenish your well being;

• An overview of different health conditions and the foods that can come to your rescue  to heal your mind and body for life.

The Essential Guide to Healthy Healing Foods gives readers the nutrition know-how and essential tools to renew their health and give them the power to replenish their energy, vitality and stamina with what they eat every day.

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About the Authors
Victoria Shanta Retelny, RD, LDN (Chicago, Ill.) is an author, media spokesperson, culinary instructor, nutrition therapist, and owner of a full-service nutrition communications consulting practice.  Retelny has written nutrition-based articles for a variety of publications, such as Women’s Health, EatingWell, SELF, Chicago Tribune, IDEA Fitness Journal and The Journal of the American Dietetic Association. She is the author of The Essential Guide to Healthy Healing Foods and believes that this book will give readers the ability to restore their body to a new level of health. Victoria is a graduate of Ithaca College’s Roy H. Park School of Communications, as well as Loyola University’s Dietetics Program, She combines both of her passions – communications and nutrition, into her daily work.  She has also worked as a healthy chef instructor for the Calphalon Culinary Center where she mastered the art of creating healthy meals by combining delicious flavors, colors and textures on the plate. Victoria is an active member of the American Dietetic Association and served as Chair of the Nutrition Entrepreneurs, a Dietetic Practice Group of the American Dietetic Association. She lives to eat well with her husband, two lively pre-schoolers and their precocious pug in Chicago.  Visit her website at

Jovanka JoAnn Milivojevic (Chicago, Ill.) seeks to help people feel better in their bodies.  She does so as a Chicago-based health writer, motivational wellness speaker and fitness instructor. She holds a B.A. in communications from Indiana University and did graduate work in writing at Columbia College, Chicago. She began her career as a writer/producer for public radio and public television. Today she writes about health, nutrition and fitness. Her articles have appeared in such publications as Baylor Innovations (Baylor Medical Center, Dallas), The Chicago Tribune, Massage Therapy Journal, Conscious Choice, and American Way, She is the author of several books including The Complete Idiot’s Guide® to Back Pain. As a Pilates/fitness instructor she trains private and corporate clients and delivers motivational wellness talks to various groups around Chicago. Visit her at