Organic White Tea Mayawater Facial Mist

The Organic White Tea Mayawater Facial Mist from Norway is ultra-refreshing… In fact, I left the house today with this organic facial mist on my face and dispensed with my morning ritual of lotions, potions and creams!

From one of the finest water sources, Organic White Tea Mayawater Facial Mist is sourced from clean, mineral-rich and ph neutral water from Skogshorn in Hemsedal, Norway.

Available in 3 refreshing organic mists:


Some ways to use your Mayawater:
1. Beauty experts use MAYAWATER 20-30 times during the day
2. Revitalizes and cleanses dry and tired skin midday
3. Specially designed to set makeup. Hold the bottle approximately 10 inches from
your face and neck, spray evenly, allowing the water to absorb into your skin.
4. Spray on your sponge when applying foundation or when you need to wet eyeliner.
5. Use as “tap water” when you are in countries with poor quality tap water. Hold the spray
close to your skin, spray it on evenly and mix with your wash cream. Finally, rinse off.
6. Ultimate product to use: keep beside your computer, in the car, in the sun, in cities with
strong pollution, or inside in the winter where the climate is dry.
7. Use as a ”wake–up call” between meetings to freshen up when you’re in a hurry.
8. Clean babies & toddlers too, keep them cool from fever and summer heat
9. MAYAWATER is for woman, men, teens and toddlers!
10. Perfect skin refresher for the pool or the beach

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