Where I Belong by Sajjad

SAJJAD’s debut album, “WHERE I BELONG”, has burst onto the music scene with passion, love, and optimism. It sparkles in unique melodies while revealing a bold, new musical voice. SAJJAD advocates that, “Music has a unique way of bringing nations and people closer through it’s common language”, and he uses his international experience and gift of music to drive forward his beliefs.

SAJJAD, is a Canadian citizen living permanently in Toronto, originally emigrating from the historic country of Bangladesh. He spent a good part of his first 11 years as a child, convincing those around him that he was already composing and playing music – actually in his mind. He had not even laid hands on a keyboard at that time.

“WHERE I BELONG”, is based in a Western mode, but other cultures strongly flavor it. SAJJAD’s piano and synthesizers form a foundation over which acoustic instruments have fearless say and influence. The voices they bring include everything from the Irish Uilleann pipes to the Chinese Erhu along with more familiar instruments such as saxophone and cello. Soaring orchestrations following strong beats and rhythms around memorable melodies, best describes, “WHERE I BELONG”.

He appreciates his growing number of fans and continues to offer free music downloads at www.sajjadmusic.com