Favorable: 7,16,17
More Effort: 3,21,30

Career/ Job
Utilize your communication skills lovingly in both personal relationships and career matters. Be generous with yourself and especially those closest to you. Only give that which you can afford. It’s best to not overdue the charity donations this month as Charity starts at home.

Libra you will catch a break this month and quite possibly into next month. Use caution with finances or personal information that pertains to identity. Bargains will be easier to find at the close of the month keep in mind to stay on budget.

Taking a charmed refined sensual approach with both men and women will benefit all relationships, as you are a magnet this month. Utilize the energies given to you by the cosmos around the seventh and a positive bright outcome can be presented if a new relationship is formed. Resist the urge to fall back in to old patters if someone from your past re-emerges. It’s also a great time to re-evaluate present friends and lovers. Out with the old and in with the new, looking forward always!

More Effort: 3,18,30

Your career will take off this month, making your days extremely busy, prioritizing and strategizing should be at your A game. This month presents a unique advantage for your skills, talents, and gifts to be exalted, shine your light. This will require much emphasis on health and rest to keep up with your energies and avoid illness if previously afflicted last month.

Busy busy busy busy which means money money money money, Take advantage of the opportunities.

Relationships / Love
Scorpio your month is here love is flowing your way, you may feel like networking and if you due it may lead to more than interesting conversations. New relationships and a lucky streak that you can ride this wave through much of the year.

Favorable: 1,12,25
More Effort:3,10,27

The influence for career opportunity is very strong this month and expanding your career also. Harmony with self and others will enhance your awareness and help with team effort.

Your hard work rewards should stay with you for the entire month and increase your cash flow. Through the busy month of work you could find the time to travel or plan a enjoyable rewarding vacation.

Creative skills benefit from a boost in additional knowledge. And so does your social life and opportunities for a new relationship to emerge and or conclude those which you decide are no longer beneficial.

More Effort:3,4,10

The need for security is strong is month. Keep a positive communication flow between work and home, this will help ease tension. Rest assured knowing that the end of the month will bring plenty of quality time with family or loved ones. Even a backyard BBQ can bring the added relief.

All that extra hard work will pay off in additional money flow. Still how ever a good time to stick to budget and also let others pay their fair share.

A social gathering set in your home will set the ambiance for a new interesting someone that shares your interest and concerns.

Favorable: 14,16,20
More Effort: 1,10,27

Productive is the key word when it pertains to your career and job and let not forget learning from previous challenges will help you gage this month. The career efforts will gradually improve and patience is The Key.

To avoid any additional unplanned expenses, routine maintenance is recommended in most mechanical stuff. Use your creative abilities to keep control of your budget and yes there is a rainbow in the near future.

Enjoy the company of people you meet running errands. Socializing with friends at a distance will be doubly enjoyable. You will be pleasantly surprised by the unique people you might meet.

Favorable: 9,27,31
Rewarding: 3,16,30

Career work and training along with company meetings can benefit your job. Understanding the management of inflow and outflow of your organizations finances adds greatly to your career. Expect additional workload.

Your energy flow will equal the amount of your extra workload. Mid months brings to light a financial issue that you considered previously resolved.

Invite people over for a backyard BBQ or potluck. A home-based food fest will make for an entertaining and flavorful delight. The benefit of this feast will be a new ideas and perspectives on food and friends.

Favorable: 1,11,13,29
More Effort: 4,19,30

There is great potential for career growth and success. Keep a focus for opportunities as the month progresses. There will be great advancement and money rewards.

The financial stars around mid month are smiling for you now more than ever; careful shopping will bring fantastic rewards. Pleasurable outings are better left in only your capable hands.

Aries this is your month to socialize with friends and colleague. Your networking will enhance your leadership skills and your creative ideas. Your ideas will generate advice and some may not be to your liking, but maybe worth considering for the pearls of wisdom within.

Favorable: 4,13,14,31
More Effort: 3,18,27

Time management will play an important role in achieving your career goals. There will be great demands on your time. Choosing projects wisely with the idea in mind of being able to complete each one with out straining your time budget.
Money/ Finance
There will be a gradual increase in the money flow. You will get an indication of money advancement.

Relationships will feel like a seesaw this month. Keep an open mind to new ideas; it’s OK to agree to disagree with people.

More Effort: 3,12,27

Workload will increase, your efforts will be noticed. Rewards will be slow in coming. At work you will notice communication delays don’t loose your cool and remain objective, think of other ways to express your point of view as not everyone is operating at your high energy level.

Keep control of your budget finances will take a different outlook this month. Investment planning for the future is favorable this month. This month brings with it an added risk of having to pay traffic fines, evaluate your habits and make the necessary adjustments as to avoid having to pay fines for overlooking the traffic rules.

Socializing will be high on your priority list with a best friend and family and also you will attract new acquaintances they will find your conversations irresistible take advantage of the energies that make you glow. Old friends may reaper back into your life just remember they are in the past for a reason, if you find yourself falling back into old habits take a hobby go to the gym to realize old negative feelings.

Favorable: 9,14,20
More Effort: 3,18,24

This is your month to focus on your career. Highlight your abilities and showcase your productivity you want to be noticed. Socializing with co-workers may also enhance your career. They most important thing to remember is that you may not know who is watching you he/she may become a key player in your advancements.

Stay on budget and you will breeze through the month with your finances intact. Resist the urge to spend on impulse. I would look into a home-based do it yourself project this month and ask friends and family for their support you will be surprised the savings generated. This is also a great month to look for deals, coupon shopping or online offers, save save save cancer.

Romance is in the air. If single you will have many opportunities to meet a special new someone when you allow yourself to be out with friends having a good time and relaxing from worries or stress. Couples will feel a new spark. If you are a parent please know that children will bring joy into your life as well this month and love will be felt from all relations.

Favorable: 2,12,21,29
More Effort: 4,18,27

If you’re looking for a career change the 12th and 13th are very favorable to submit your applications. Advancements in your career will be showing up all month. Investigate their potential do not delay. This is also a good month in thinking of advancing your career with furthering your education; these could reap rewards in the long run and further career promotions.

Many opportunities are strong but slow in coming to fruition. Schedule routine maintenance on your vehicle or home appliances. Is it time to replace or repair? Choose wisely and think long-term money saving and not short term savings. You may be tempted to go into a home based business that may be to good to be true in terms of the financial gain. Well although this is generally a good idea if the research time and resources are well applied, this is not the month to make such investment for you Leo. Keep the goal in mind and take advantage of the hold time to further grow the plans.

Love/ Relationships
The first half of the month will be well spent on getting your house ready for the winter and holiday season of joyful entertaining with family and friends. Maybe involve the family on a do it yourself project. Room makeovers and changing the art deco around your home will enhance the joy and atmosphere around those that share your space and energy.

Favorable: 14,23,31
More Effort: 4,10,19

Save all your important meetings talks and interviews till the new moon on the 26th, for a more favorable outcome. Relaxing time each day is a must to stay in good health and focus. In your career things will appear to move at a slow but at a constant pace keep your target always in mind and patience is the key. Plan a day trip or mini vacation to help deal with the stress and challenges faced at work.

You will find extra financial help in your old collections and old clothing and all previously used sports items, taking them to a re-sale shop is not a bad idea. Be sure to check old purses, wallets, pockets or hiding spots of money you may be in for a pleasant surprise. Do yourself a favor and quit will your ahead if you find yourself not being able to resist a good bargains found in this places.

Enjoy a few days of fun with close friends or family. Meeting new people in your community may be on opportunity to share your creative or special abilities.

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