Favorable: 3,4,13,17,21

More Effort: 1,28,29


The planets align for you to concentrate and create from the world of essence great money making ideas in physical form. Use the energies given to you at the end of the second week or mid-month and get those creative spark wheels turning. Finish and conclude current deadlines even if they require you to be a team player. However, don’t forget to spend time propelling goal accomplishments as next year promises to be busy, exciting and very much rewarding.


There is a favorable planetary alignment that seems to speak of a financial gain that could come in the form of a bonus, raise, or investment when the new moon enters your sign around January 23rd as this new moon is in Aquarius. Resist the urge to spend. Caution is highly advisable around the 9th week after the full moon. Ask on target questions when consulting professionals in any legal or financial advising capacity. Make sure to get all references and second opinions. It is not a waste of time and effort when dealing with important financial ventures.


Relationships and love are accentuated after the full moon lasting until about the 13th. It may seem that people become highly important to you on all capacity. Avoid any drama or power struggles involving family. Remain neutral and diplomatic and above all positive as you see both sides clearly. Delays are possible. Note that Mars goes retrograde in Virgo so for Capricorn this will last from the end of January to the first week of April. Travel is not advisable; expect delays if trips are necessary.


Favorable: 5,6,23,24,28

More Effort: 1,2,14,20


This month’s alignment is in your favor following the new moon that transits the last week of January around the 23rd. Do not set limits to your imagination for the year that lies ahead. New, stronger life force energy pushes you to move forward and celebrate your creative urges that propel you to always think ahead. This month’s full moon around the 9th will require some extra effort in your work. Do not lose focus. Home and career are focal points and at the forefront. The cosmos indicate that the first half of the year, home will be a focal point juggled with career. Your efforts will not go unnoticed career wise and planets emphasize this for the later part of this year’s Aquarius.


Starting the 23rd of this month, Mars will be retrograde, affecting money’s life lessons for your sign until April 12th.  It is time to take control of your budget, accounting, and money transaction records. It would be advisable to take some classes if needed to help empower and propel you towards your goals and achievements for this year’s successes in the money management area and future financial investments.


Venus comes in to contact with your sign through the first week and a half of January and brings charm and glow to your aura that many people will find irresistible. Flirt if single or allow new love to flourish. If in a committed relationship, take the time to spark romance into your lives and resist the urge to go back to old love as there seems to be a planetary pull to bring someone from your past back into your life. Make getting healthy a priority and align yourself with your body’s needs of diet, rest and exercise. This will greatly improve your goals.


Favorable: 4,25,26,31

More Effort: 1,20,22,28


The planets align for you the first week of January to effectively articulate your needs at work, therefore concluding the year and setting in motion all your career goals for 2012. Venus enters your sign the second half of the month and with it the ability to attract luck, money, and success. Use these energies to set in motion all your dreams and aspirations. Staying focused, calm, and centered will help weather more effort days at work when communication and diplomacy seems to challenge your objectives.


Your popularity will increase this month and with it the demand for your time and special events and functions. Avoid overspending and plan to budget according to what is realistic. The universe blesses you if you so choose to receive the energies in a positive way with an unexpected financial perk or gift.


This month is great for networking and going on first dates if single. If in a committed relationship, strengthen the bond on the 13th of this month.  Planets align in your favor to help you. Mars in Virgo goes retrograde for you from Jan. 23rd to about April 13th. This may possibly affect you if you do not take an objective position and there is potential of rollercoaster of different emotions with relations from friends to relatives. Hear from both points of view and keep an open mind for negotiation. No major decision making until retrograde has ended.


Favorable: 1,2,11,19,29

More Effort: 6,8,21,26


The planets align in your favor and emphasize exposure along with great networking skills. The first two weeks of this month help you get closer to your career goals. Be a team player and share your ideas that can bear fruit to great rewards later on this year. It may seem that things slow down towards the end of the month for you so use patience and diplomacy at work when things may seem to take a slower pace as communication might be challenging.  Expect this year to be exceptional for you: just keep in mind Mars the planet of energy is ruled by Aries and Scorpio and it turns retrograde Jan. 23rd through the first week of April. This may cause delays or mishaps. However, this is a great year for the Aries.


Your hard work, extra hours, and long days will pay off during the first three weeks of this month so try and get as many hours and projects completed. Budgeting is crucial and by the end of the month, the extra savings will come as a reward. A pull towards a much active social life may tempt you. However, spend within your means.


This is a great time to enjoy home and company. This month’s full moon on Jan 9th will motivate you to do some decoration, perhaps upgrade and improve projects. Get creative and save some money by investing in “do some of these yourself” projects. This is also a great month if you are single because there is a potential for mutual introduction by a friend around the 23rd of this month. If already in a relationship, home will be your focal point.


Favorable: 1,3,4,21,31

More Effort: 8,11,24,27


Taurus’s, you will find yourself surrounded by a busy work place and career goals closer to accomplishments this year more than ever. Find some time to travel; take a daytrip, find a reason to escape the pressure as the first three weeks of January are the most favorable to plan this gate away. The year ahead brings out many pleasant and unexpected twist and turns but your perseverance and determination and above all patience will make the Taurus feel proud.


The first two weeks of the month may seem to be just a bit simply unexpected but you will succeed in all of your financial strategic planning. Budgeting is the key this month for you Taurus’s. Exposure to some of this extra talent you possess that can potentially generate some extra income. The last two weeks of the month the planets speak of energies who may potentially offer a great business plan or investment in the finance sector. However, caution is advisable. Do your due diligence as true motives may not be revealed until later on the year.


Your social life gets a second wind after the holidays and takes you into some great adventures and exposure to some amazing, unique people. Remaining objective and agreeing to disagree with someone is always an option when you run into individuals who simply do not share your point of view. With Mars retrograding on Jan 12th it will be on going until April 12th. You will spend many days reflecting on many relations including your significant other. Communication is the key. Postpone decision making until April. If single, take this time to reflect on what you truly want from that soul mate.


Favorable: 3,5,6,13,31

More Effort: 2,8,9,22,28


Growth and expansion is the key of this month and year. You may find yourself teaching or improving your current skills that may lead to great career advancement for you this year. Expand your work knowledge. However, caution is advised in the sharing of ideas with department co-workers as you should be the one who gets the credit.


The week of the full moon may bring great news in the financial area and unexpected boost to your wallet via a raise or bonus. All your hard work and dedication reaps rewards that may help offset the last week of the month when unexpected expenses may occur. Hire a professional for any home repairs or mechanical issues.


Mars going retro until the first week of April will affect your home life as you may find yourself spending time at home with loved ones sharing romantic dinners. Make time for your partner and find ways of objectively listening. If single, the planets show a glimpse of romance in the air around the 7th of this month. Not the best month to make other living arrangements if you find yourself having to move.


Favorable:  3,4,8,17,31

More Effort: 1,2,7,19,28


This month brings great potential for outstanding networking results via a friend or neighbor or work function that can propel you to advance your career all by meeting this key person that will put you on track for advancement. This is also the month you plan ahead as this promises to be a great year of self-regeneration in all aspects of your life such as health and relationships. January is the month for positive communication at work to keep your cool.


This month brings an upward swing to your bank account. This is great and you will enjoy many good times with friends and family. However, caution is advised as you still have a budget to keep in mind. You will be extremely generous this month and expect the same from others. This may not be the case so resist the urge to treat others and keep things balanced when splitting the check. This will help offset any unexpected expenses towards the end of the month.


Spending time with loved ones and friends is going to do wonders for your spirit and put you in an upbeat mood. Expect some delays from close relations when you might find yourself quarreling with co-workers, friends, and family. Change is the only thing that is constant and it will be noticeable to them by the end of this year.


Favorable: 1,2,11,19,28

More Effort: 3,4,17,24,30


Your career is the spotlight of your life and this year ahead. Do not let it get unbalanced and drain your energy. Find the time to rest and relax and watch your favorite television shows or movies so you can unwind this month. It is not advisable for Leo’s to have any kind of serious conversation the third week of this month so just reschedule those life-altering meetings and decisions. This year the planets propel you towards knowledge and growth so seek to further your career and education and showcase those networking talents. They are in your favor the first half of the year. However, delays and communication challenges could slow the pace the remainder of the year. “Success is the only option” that is your affirmation of the year.


All your hard efforts at work and in your career manifest into a nice boost to the account this year and month. However, there is caution to be exercised this month as you have to stick to budget in order to successfully pull off any kind of investments or business growth. Mars goes retro and communication is how it affects your sign up until April. Double check all financial transactions including receipts. Improve your protective measures for security as it is never a waste to advance current skills.


Leo’s, all of your relations benefit this month and take the spotlight of your heart. Friends, family, and significant others can benefit from Venus almost all month. Plan romantic evenings and if single be open to dating.  The planets smile on the 13th especially even though all month you will enjoy these energies. Don’t let the rose colored glasses you are wearing this month impede on your intuition. Avoid manipulation and challenges. Remain objective, calm, and centered. Change arrives this month and year so take the “half full” outlook on this.


Favorable: 3,4,12,13,30

More Effort: 2,8,26,27

Career Job

Your work schedule could get hectic and find yourself also the center of many compliments for a job well done. This year has a slow start for Virgos. However, all of your career goals and accomplishments will be followed through and you will reap the rewards later on the year. Enjoy work functions and network. Voice your goals.


There could be a potential for an increase of income or bonus or finding a job if you are out seeking one the first week of the month. There also seems to be an influence of furthering your education, perhaps consult with your employer on those benefits. Plan for travel and education expenses. There is great potential for additional income if you get creative and consider freelancing.


Even though it may seem like it at times, you are not having a setback dear Virgo as Mars travels retro in your sign from Jan 26th through the first week of April. Take this time to really reflect on goals and accomplishments and conclude projects. Venus enters your sign the last two weeks of the month. However, start having fun and filling your social calendar early on this month. Friendships and significant others will embrace your energies and you will shine in all teamwork efforts. Avoid the 7th, 14th, and the 20th to go on first dates if single. If already in a relationship, embrace this time of love and togetherness.


Favorable: 4,15,16,30,31

More Effort: 1,2,5,6,28


Your talents will showcase this month and will not go unnoticed. You may end up having an interesting conversation with management who feels you are capable of much more and are going places with your career. This year is full of optimism as you see all your hard work bear fruit. This is the month to reflect on your accomplishments. Listen to your inner voice of wisdom and reflect on hopes and wishes and resist the temptation to date someone from work as this may cause major setbacks in the career sector in the later part of the year.


All your hard work will bring a nice boost to your finances. However, still stick to a budget as there may be some unexpected expenses towards the end of the month when you find yourself having to do home repairs that are needed. Hire a professional and get several estimates before deciding what works for you


Your social life will come alive later this month. However, the Mars retrograde that starts the last week of January through the second week of April will bring some challenges. Use communication and an upbeat, positive attitude to weather these storms. The new moon brings a chance for romance if you are single around the 23rd. If in a committed relationship, use this time to strengthen your bond with your mate. Resist infatuation and be cautious of what people share with you. Spend time with your children, friends, and loved ones at home.


Favorable: 3,9,10,17,18

More Effort: 11,12,19,31


Your career will take the spotlight and bring new energies into your life this month that will carry you far into the year 2013. You are a go-getter and an achiever so there is no stopping you once you set your mind to it. Success is the only option. However, with mars going retrograde on Virgo Jan.26th, this could put you in a sticky work situation so tread lightly and resist the urge to micro manage the challenges brought forth by these energies at work. You do not have to take control of everything; otherwise you will end up regretting it. Scorpio’s, look forward to a bright new year and many triumphs over career goals in the later part of this year.


Organization is the key word for this month’s projects. Budget according to last year’s income for 2012.  Plan to reap the rewards in investments and projects later on this year. Resist the urge to splurge. Get rid of old documents and make sure you are careful of how you dispose of this information. Many wise financial investments will come to your attention; make sure to do your homework and be wise in all investments.


Romance is in the air and the dates to plan a special date if single is the 12th or 13th of this month. Your family will be a central point of focus for you this month. Re-decorate and plan on hosting events that bring joy to your home. If already in a committed relationship, tighten the bond. This month’s full moon on the 9th, plan a quick trip. Get out and enjoy some time on vacation. There is a possibility of one or two friendships ending this month as Mars travels retro on Virgo.


Favorable: 1,2,10,20,29

More Effort: 6,7,9,15,26


This month the work pace peaks and has you all over the place. Focus on one task at a time. You will find much more sense of satisfaction for a job completed rather than to spread yourself thin. Take advantage of the planets influence around the 13th to pitch an idea or to get a point across. You can expect more effective results in reaching your goals for this new year as it may result in someone turning out to be a key person being impressed by your talents. This year promises to be exciting and expanding, although a delay will be experienced the first half of the year thanks to Mars retrograde that will last through first week of April.  It only seems like it as it takes you on an upward swing towards your goals and accomplishments ending the year with a bang. Effective communication and diplomatic approach is much advisable during those challenging work days.


Money will be your focal point and budgeting effectively will help you through some more effort days. In your plan, include savings for unexpected expenses and to start working on improving your credit score, perhaps paying down old debt. There seems to be a planetary emphasis on joint finances; if in a relationship, include all income coming into the household. If single, perhaps look at finding ideas that will generate extra income.


Extended and close family ties seem to call you this month as it becomes a focal point. Use this time to also network and perhaps further all of your goals but do not get too pushy about your ideas. You will have an added charm and glow as the 14th is an excellent day to go on a date or spend some quality time with your significant other. Venus, the planet of love, beams down through the 13th of this month.