Herbal Balm for the Body and Soul: Ten Healthy Teas by Valerie B. Lull

Herbal Balm for the Body and Soul: Ten Healthy Teas by Valerie B. Lull… Valerie B. Lull’s introduction to the adventure of tea is a primer to the pleasures of tea and an informative overview of the benefits to the body and  he soul of a perfect cup of tea, quietly sipped, by oneself or with family and friends.

Author and herbalist Valerie B. Lull announces the release of Ten Healthy Teas. Lull’s simple introduction to ten tantalizing teas and simple recipes from them is a perfect guide to people on the go who want to reap the benefits to their health and to gain the instant, calming peace of mind that these teas can provide.

“If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth and beauty.” So says an anonymous Japanese proverb, and it seems true, too, that the man with no tea in him will also have more colds, a weaker heart and a little more nervousness than is comfortable while getting through his day.

Lull’s introduction to these ten easy-to-find and easy-to-brew teas remedies those things. The author covers such conventional brews as green tea and black tea as well as the generally familiar chamomile and peppermint herbal teas, and she lists the potential health benefits to each, some of which are known, some of which are surprises.

Lull also covers the advantages of less familiar herbal drinks such as garlic tea, which was called “Russian penicillin” in World Wars I and II because of its apparent prevention of gangrene. Goldenseal tea is another new recommendation for most people. It was a favorite tea of the Iroquois and Cherokee, among whom it achieved a reputation for stellar antibiotic properties.

The author herself learned of the pleasures of tea time when as a young child she visited relatives in Canada who celebrated the leafy brew. Later on she and her mother would put a kettle on the old wood stove in their Vermont country home and sip tea through an afternoon of Scrabble or checkers. Now Lull is studying to be a Master Herbalist, but the information she provides in this concise volume is more than sufficient for anyone who wishes to simply enjoy a cup of hot, healthy tea.