The Science of Serenity by Mark C. Brown, Ph.D.

According to the 2010 Stress in America Survey (American Psychological Association), more than four in 10 Americans have reported laying awake at night in the past month with worry. Today external factors such as the economy, one’s earnings and job pressures are largely to blame for this stress uptick. What if it was possible to make internal changes that permanently ease mental and emotional strain?

In his latest book, Live Like A Window, Work Like A Mirror: Enlightenment and the Practice of Eternity Consciousness, psychologist Mark C. Brown, Ph.D. explains the relationship between how we view things and stress, and offers a step-by-step approach to changing what goes on in our heads.

“This book provides a totally new perspective on life that helps explain why things are the way they are (even the bad things), promotes a method for releasing us from much of the suffering that is common to being human, and provides an opportunity for experiencing serenity and unconditional love,” says Brown. “Once you get the central idea, you will find it relatively easy to apply in everyday life.”

By blending Eastern thought and Western psychology, and providing a beginners’ guide to meditation, Dr. Brown has produced an accessible how-to guide to “enlightened thinking and living” that will help readers learn to relax the body and quiet the mind.

“The goal of this book is to lessen the angst most of us experience living in a world that is as difficult today as it has ever been,” says Dr. Brown. “We have the ability to change how what goes on around us affects us; we just have to learn how to do it. And we can.”

The book’s unique perspective on human origins, its recognition that our eventual enlightenment is a birth right, and its complete avoidance of religious beliefs and esoteric terminology will appeal to progressive readers and enlightenment purists alike.

MARK C. BROWN is a practicing psychologist who also teaches meditation using EEG biofeedback. He earned a BA in English from Ohio State University, an MA in Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Cincinnati, and a PhD in Counseling Psychology from Kent State University. He lives with his wife in Northeast Ohio.

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