Why Clean Cuisine Is The Next Best Thing To The Fountain Of Youth and Managing MS

Why Clean Cuisine Is The Next Best Thing To The Fountain Of Youth and Managing MS… No one wants to watch a loved one suffer through a debilitating illness, least of all a doctor who feels he should be able to do something to help.  Dr. Andrew Larson faced this scenario a decade ago when his wife Ivy was diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis). After Ivy’s neurologist, a world-renowned MS specialist at the University of Miami, spelled out the options available for treating her disease, which included dietary change, Andrew Larson used his medical background to create a science-based nutrition plan that could bring Ivy a healthier and better life naturally with an anti-inflammatory ‘clean eating’ diet.

The Clean Cuisine diet places special emphasis on plant-forward nutrition and is based on anti-inflammatory, unrefined and nutrient-dense whole foods. Emphasis on flavor is a big component and the Larson’s recipes replace processed oils and sugars with herbs, spices and simple culinary techniques for delicious and easy-to-prepare meals. “Clean Cuisine bridges the gap between what we should eat, what tastes good, what is scientifically proven to be best for our bodies and what is actually doable in the real world,” says Ivy.

The Larson’s eating and living program does not make people feel deprived – they can have a glass of wine or a sweet “cheat” treat each day because Clean Cuisine is a healthy program for body and mind that makes it possible to lose weight without ‘counting food’ in the form of calories, carbs, fat grams, etc. As Dr. Larson explains, “Once you supply your body with the nutrients it needs you can put an end to excess hunger and food cravings. The only way to lose weight long term is to find a way of eating that is both enjoyable and that doesn’t leave you hungry. That’s what Clean Cuisine does.”

In developing a way to control Ivy’s debilitating illness, the loving couple and bestselling health and nutrition authors discovered a lifestyle that rewards the whole family, including their 10-year old son, with an abundance of energy and vitality. “Since Clean Cuisine centers on a philosophy of healthy eating that transforms traditional dishes into guilt-free, flavor-forward food, everybody in the family benefits and can enjoy the same delicious meals together,” says Ivy Larson.

This medically sound, anti-inflammatory diet has kept Ivy’s MS in remission for over a decade, and is scientifically proven to reduce body fat, reverse diabetes, lower blood pressure, LDL cholesterol and CRP levels as well as ease the symptoms of other inflammatory diseases such as fibromyalgia, asthma, allergies and arthritis. This is huge for the millions of Americans afflicted with these various conditions who often don’t get the results they want from medication alone and are left to feel there is no hope of leading a normal life again. The side benefit of optimizing nutrition with Clean Cuisine is a younger-looking, slimmer and more vibrant body.

In addition to the science behind Clean Cuisine, there is also a beautiful, human-interest love story attached to this young couple’s relationship that is all about love and dedication. It makes perfect sense that Clean Cuisine centers around living from the heart and loving your family enough to help them make smart choices about food and lifestyle, and loving yourself so much that you choose to make choices that will help you be healthier, happier and more energetic.

At their easy-to-navigate website, the Larsons merge medical know-how with practical experience to show how to live life to the fullest. They offer free healthy living product reviews, time-efficient 30-minute ‘fitter, firmer, faster’ workout videos, over 200 Clean Cuisine recipes, and nutrition recommendations for the whole family.

For more life-changing information on Clean Cuisine, visit: www.cleancuisine.com.