Check Out These Top 4th of July Beauty Tips

USA style background - empty wooden table for display montages
USA style background - empty wooden table for display montages
USA style background – empty wooden table for display montages

Check Out These Top 4th of July Beauty Tips

We all know Americans like to wear and represent the American flag throughout the year, but Independence Day is where we really amp things up.  Take your patriotism a step further by decking out your make-up and hair with red, white, and blue.  Sue Ismiel, from Hair Removal company Nad’s (, shares these simple steps to look and feel great as you celebrate this Fourth of July.


This Fourth of July dazzle your lips by wearing bright sparkled red lipstick.  The secret to this is quite simple and can be achieved in four easy steps.  The traditional Fourth of July activities like barbequing, relaxing on a boat and watching fireworks can cause smudging and fading.  To keep your lips looking fresh all day start by lining your lips with a red liner.  Follow by filling your lips in completely. Keeping with the red theme, layer on a red glossy coat having it preferably be on the stickier side.  Finally add the big finish using makeup glitter.  Dip your fingers in lightly and apply an even layer. Now show off your American spirt to your friends and family.

Eye Shadow 

Fourth of July is the perfect time to try some bright, fun American flag eye shadow.  To keep it simple but patriotic create a blend starting at the inside of your eye with red.  Ease into light glittered silver and of course finish with a deep blue.  If you are feeling more adventurous accessorize your eyes with more glitter, crystals and even jewels.

The eyebrows trends today seems to be the fuller the better, and this can be achieved by simple filling in ones brows.  Use the same eye shadow as you did on your eyes and create full, thick American flag brows.  It’s important to keep in mind, that the key to making your entire face pop is the shape of your eyebrows.  Thicker may be “in,” but that doesn’t mean you can’t still shape them to create the perfect profile of your face.  For a no heat, no fuss hair removal, try the Nad’s Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper (RRP $8.99). The slim line, twist action wand applicator makes the perfect shape to follow.  If colouring your eyebrows is too intense for you, still create the perfect shape to make your Fourth of July eyes stand out even more.

Hair chalk 

You can’t have enough red, white, and blue this Fourth of July so don’t stop with the face, colour your hair too! Hair chalk is not permanent so it’s perfect for a long Fourth of July weekend.  It’s inexpensive, fast, and easy.  Start by purchasing art chalk and having an old t-shirt or towel you don’t mind getting colourful.   Once you have the supplies and you are ready to begin, wet the tips of your hair and then apply the chalk.  Allow time for those sections of your hair to air dry or if in a hurry blow dry your tips.  Then style as usual and see how your red, white, and blue creation has turned out!

Celebrate in style this 4th of July with these simple tips to get you looking your patriotic best!