Your January Organization Guide by Krista Colvin

This past December, my house was turned inside out and then some! Between wrapping paper, toy packaging and use guides strewn about I’m ready for it to be all packed away until next year.

Here’s a little gift of organization to guide you and inspire you this January. I in turn hope to get motivated to knock out my own day after projects!

New Things
and what to do with them!

  • With every new product you get an armful of paperwork. Keep it under control.
  • Toss the advertisements
  • Create a pile of the product registration documents (register them all at once)
  • Create a pile of user guides
  • Here are a couple of solutions for storing your user guides and warranty manuals.
  • Toss them in a magazine file holder
  • Use a plastic drawer unit, label each drawer: ie; computer, household, camera.
  • Use a plastic container, keep the lid off and make it easy to access so that you can continue to toss in new paperwork
  • Remember it doesn’t need to be fancy, you typically only look for this paperwork when you’ve got a problem and now you’ll know where to “look”.
  • Look for attractive + functional storage pieces at Storables! I love their sage green and muted red magazine holders.

The Decor
bins, bins, and more bins!

  • Think SOLID not clear for storing your holiday decor, then label each bin with shipping size labels (3 1/2 x 4″). I found that by doing this my bins do double time as a great location for hiding presents as they trickle out of my trunk and into my home.
  • I’m also thinking about reorganizing and re-labeling my bins by room. For example they now read “Christmas dishes”, “Christmas Garland”. I’m contemplating “Christmas- Kitchen”, “Christmas- Family Room” so as to remember what goes where.

Let it go, Let it go, Let it go!

  • Are there holiday decor items that didn’t make the cut this year? Last year? Time to let them find a new home.
  • Take them to a donation center
  • Can your favorite charity use them? Call and ask.
  • Have your girlfriends over for coffee and a decor swap
  • Use them for next years white elephant gift exchange