From Alternative Power Sources to Dissolvable Golf Balls, The Orphalese, Endeavors to Be All Luxury, All Green Cruise…

Luxury residential cruise ship, The Orphalese (, will lead the maritime industry in being the first ship of its kind to implement various innovative environmental or green initiatives and serve as a true cruising laboratory concerning ecological issues. As The Orphalese circumnavigates the globe during its inaugural season, beginning in 2010, the residential cruise ship ( will endeavor to be as green as possible, as well as manage its overall impact on the delicate global ecosystem. The Orphalese will preserve not only the oceans but the lands that she will visit, especially as she spends 200 days in port.

Setting the green benchmark for other residential cruise ships, The Orphalese will use salt, instead of chlorine, as the catalyst in its ocean-based water desalinization units for recycling used water. In addition, The Orphalese will be in the vanguard of ships to feature solar panels for the generation of energy for the ship’s exterior lighting. The residential cruise ship will also have a unique regeneration system utilizing exhaust gases from the engines to heat water and provide heat for onboard residences.

The Orphalese will sample from the most effective green land-based initiatives, adapting them for an environmentally friendly ocean-based luxury lifestyle. The ship’s designers are working with the top designers and manufacturers in their respective fields to outfit the residences on-board with state-of-the-art environmentally friendly appliances that conserve energy and water. For example, The Orphalese will feature washing machines that use sound waves to clean clothes and conserve gallons of water.

Chief Administrative Officer of Orphalese Cruise Line, Victoria Ying Jin, said, “It’s going way beyond keeping up with an environmentally friendly trend but more keeping in line with our guests and owners’ lifestyles and what’s important to them. Our owners and guests expect the very best and they are not going to forfeit their environmentally based values when they board the ship. We want to set an example and be the most luxurious residential cruise ship as well as the most environmentally friendly.”

The Orphalese will pride herself on maintaining the highest environmental standards through the following green initiatives:

—  An on-board recycling plant that will recycle 100% of all solid waste
products. In addition, it will also feature a wastewater treatment plant.
Water reclaimed by these systems will be used for external ship cleaning
purposes only.

—  Satellite positioning system will guide the ship to prevent dropping
anchor on precious sea beds and coral.

—  The ability to run on green diesel as well as put in place special
engine seals to prevent oil leakage.

—  Water desalinization units will use salt as the catalyst instead of

—  LED lighting that will use 50% less energy than regular lighting and
reduce carbon footprint by 70%. Solar panels will be installed to light
ship’s exterior.

—  Residences will feature state-of-the-art washing machines that use
less water and sound waves to thoroughly clean clothes. These washing
machines will use 10 gallons of water versus 60 gallons in a conventional
washing machine.

—  All cleaning supplies on board will be biodegradable.

—  And for the ever mindful avid golfer, the golf balls used will be ones
that can dissolve into fish food if they land in the ocean.

—  Recycling programs on board for passengers and employees.

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