Positive Parenting, Revised and Completely Updated

Hatherleigh Press is pleased to announce the imminent release of the classic parenting book, now revised and completely updated, “Positive Parenting ($15.95, September 2007).  This classic bestseller contains the latest information on lead poisoning, vaccinations, antibiotics, twins, autism, video games and more.  It takes more than common sense to raise a healthy and happy child.  This fundamental handbook will show you the ABC’s of your child’s development and what you can do as a parent to assure a great beginning.

Written by a practicing pediatrician and clinical professor of pediatrics, “Positive Parenting” is an essential resource and tool for contemporary parents.  With practical, positive information on how to raise healthy and happy children, Dr. Eden provides a wealth of advice for the growth and development of your child at every stage such as:

* How to build your baby’s self-esteem, IQ and self-confidence
* How to help your baby sleep through the night
* What you can to prevent obesity and SIDS
* The controversy over vaccines, the misuse of antibiotics and the dangers of lead
* The effects of video games and educational toys on development

The three first years of a child’s development are the most crucial.  With the right tools and information, parents can help to ensure their child’s future success and happiness.  “Positive Parenting” is back to help a new generation of parents everywhere to raise healthy and happy children to reach their full emotional, physical, and intellectual potential.