Interview with Natural Home Beauty Author Janice Cox

Naturalbeautynov072An interview with Janice Cox, America’s leading Natural Beauty and Home Beauty expert.

[Wendy] Please tell us a bit about what you do…  

[Janice]  I am a Natural Beauty Enthusiast or Expert – I have written three books on the subject of Natural Beauty or Home Beauty – teaching readers how to use common household ingredients to create their own products and treatments for body, bath and hair.  I also contribute to a number of  magazines on the subject of Natural Beauty.

[Wendy]  What ignited your interest in Home Beauty? 

[Janice]  It goes back to my childhood – where beauty products and treatments intrigued me.  My Grandmother taught me many of the treatments and recipes that I still use today.  I grew up in a rural area where we did not have a bath or body boutique, so making your own products was necessary and fun!

[Wendy]  What do you find is your true joy in formulating recipes for beauty purposes?  

[Janice]  The results – you can use simple natural ingredients and get amazing results! Treating yourself and taking good care of your skin and hair just makes you feel good.  I also love sharing my products with my friends and family.

[Wendy]  When did you discover that some natural ingredients found in the home can be mixed together for beauty benefits?

[Janice]  I am not sure I can remember my first beauty recipe – it may have been a simple whole egg mask I whipped up in our family bathroom when I was in Junior High –my skin looked great and I was hooked!

[Wendy]  What books have you authored so far? Do you plan to write another book in the near future? 

[Janice]  “Natural Beauty at Home,” “Natural Beauty for All Seasons,” and “Natural Beauty from the Garden.”  I am currently working on a new project with my daughter that I like to think of as the next generation of Home Beauty and Natural Skin Care.

[Wendy]  Are your recipes simple to make?

[Janice]  Yes – many of them only use one or two ingredients and take a few minutes to do. For example, pure honey is wonderful in the bath and makes your skin feel like silk, and I love a sour cream facial mask for getting my skin really clean and my complexion glowing!

[Wendy]  Can you share with our readers a simple home beauty recipe to try this autumn season? Why did you choose this particular recipe?

[Janice]  I would make a simple raw sugar body scrub – simply mix together equal parts raw sugar and a rich natural oil such as canola, sunflower, or almond.  Stir well and massage this scrub into your skin before showering – you body will feel soft and smooth and it will help any remaining rough skin or faded tan from summer.   You may also add a few drops of your favorite essential oil for a bit of scent and aromatherapy!

Also a new oil that I have discovered is pumpkin seed oil – it is very rich but  makes a wonderful night cream for dry skin – simply massage a small amount into clean skin before going to bed at night.

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